I Always Dreamed of Someone Like You

Olivia Marie Evens Popular, rich, and perfect. None of that matter`s when she meets she guy she has always dreamed about.


3. Chapter 3- The Docks


Once I got to the docks I saw my friend Miranda. I walked over and hugged her and she handed me a beer. I took a sip and swallowed it down my throat. I looked over to him. Him, Harry, the 'bad boy' of school. I look at him intentivley smoke. He was hot, but we were totally different people as I have been told. He doesn`t care about school, which I find hard to believe since I haven`t seen him miss many days. People tell me he has a hard life at home, lives with his older brother because his parents were murdered. I remember hearing about it on the paper`s. They were both stabbed, it was sad. He never talks, just keep to himself. Miranda bumped my shoulder.

"Lookin at hottie aren`t you?"

"Of coarse I am! I don`t get it though, he looks at me like I`m his but he never once has talked to me."

"I know, why don`t you go talk to him."

"What do I say?"

"Say hi, start a conversation."

I blushed and then walked over, He stared at me then turned away and put his cigarette in his mouth and looked at the ocean while in-haling. I stood right next to him and sat on the bar`s he was leaning against. He took his cigarette out and handed it to me. I took it between my fingers and put it to my lips and sucked my life away. I handed it back to him and he looked at me.

"Thanks." He nodded and turned to me.

"What`s up?"

"Oh not much in-haling and drinking my life away with good looking people." He smiled and laughed.

"True." I took a sip of my beer and then handed it to him, he put it to his lip`s and took a sip then handed it back to me.

"So what is a girl like you doing around a place so toxic like this?'

"I come down here all the time. How about you?"

"What kind of girl am I?"

I laughed at his sarcastic remark. "A pretty one." He smiled and his dimples exposed.

"Well thank`s your a pretty one to." I smiled and brought him closer to me he came between my legs and in- haled his cigarette one last time before throwing it on the ground and stepping on it. I looked at his eye`s and got down, he was a lot taller then me.

"Come with me." He smiled and I took his hand and he followed me to my car. I unlocked it and crawled in the back seat, he got in right after me and closed the door. I leaned against the other door and he came in between my legs and kissed my neck going up and up, he reached my mouth and our lips moved syncing with each other like it was perfect. He put his hands on my hips and started to rub my hip bone with his thumb. I rounded my hands around his head tangling them in his hair. He stopped and rested on his knee`s looking at me.

"What`s wrong?"
"Nothing, just I don`t want to move to fast." I smiled and kissed him on the mouth and we got out. We went to Miranda and everyone and I and Harry smoked one more cigarette and then him and I left and he came to my house.

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