I Always Dreamed of Someone Like You

Olivia Marie Evens Popular, rich, and perfect. None of that matter`s when she meets she guy she has always dreamed about.


2. Chapter 2- Little Info

"Mum I`m home." I walked in from getting home from school, I slid my van`s off and walked in the kitchen and got a bottled water out. My mum then walked in from her room.

"Hey sweeti, how was school."

'Good, kinda boring. I had my worst classes today."

"Which one`s?"

"Math, English, and Social Studies."

"Oh, I hated all those classes but English when I was in high school."

"Yeah, hey where`s Mike?"

"I don`t know I thought he came home with you and just went upstairs."

"No, let me call him."

I brought my phone out and dialled my brother Mike`s number and put it on speaker. He answered and I could hear music in the background.

"Mike where are you?"

"The docks. Come down Miranda is here."

"Alright, be there in 10."

I hung the phone up and looked at my mum and continued our conversation.

"So yeah, all my classes were very boring today but I have all my favorite classes tomorrow."

"Which are?"

"Fashion journalisim, Photography, and I have P.E tomorrow."

"Oh nice."

"Yeah well I`m going to go change and go down to the docks. Love ya."

"You to."

 I ran upstairs and looked my huge variety of clothes and searched for anything


I decided finally and drove to the docks. A bunch of us usually go there, party, ya know the usual things kids do that parents know nothing about. Drink, smoke, love. I being the only civil person there have only smoke and drank. I am waiting to make love til marriage.

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