The Bully

This is a story about a 15 year old girl with a messed up life, she has been living it hard ever since an important member of her family died. She's bullied terribly , and things happen.. read more to find out.


2. The New Life.

Jessie's POV-
"My name is Jessie and I am 15 years old. I live with my mom and we just moved to New York, It is a busy place for my mom and I, ever since my father left mom got into the drugs. About, 5 months ago, my grandfather George died. He was my everything! We also did everything together, baked, sewed, knitted, and sang and danced. He was old but was full of energy. My moms habit is only slight, but shes trying to quit all the bad stuff. Tomorrow I am starting a new school called NYHS. New York High School. I didn't know anybody... So tonight I am just gonna take a shower and relax. Perhaps make a facebook page, or a twitter."
Once Jessie got in the shower, her mother answered the door to a doorbell ring.. another package of pure drugs.. She rolled a few and got 2 cases of beer delivered. Her mother was a , prostitute, drug dealer, and she really lost her life that way. She started getting drunk, inviting guys and smoking a bunch of random shit. About an hour later, Jessie got out of the shower and made her way to her bedroom. She hooked up her computer and started to a web page called Facebook.
Jessie's POV-
"Okay, this doesn't look so hard. So I guess I just click Sign Up. Hmm.. This stuff is difficult to answer." 1 HOUR LATER "Okay, I got it all hooked up. Now all I need is a profile picture and some friends. I will get some friends tomorrow after school..I know it." "MOM" I called. "WHAT" I ran downstairs. "I made a facebook page! Its awesome to use!" "Your telling me this why?!?!" She screamed. "I thought you would be happy, but nevermind." I walked upstairs and went straight to bed, and for the first night, I didn't cry myself to sleep.

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