The Bully

This is a story about a 15 year old girl with a messed up life, she has been living it hard ever since an important member of her family died. She's bullied terribly , and things happen.. read more to find out.


5. Bully...?

Jessie's POV-
I woke up again to my alarm.. its just not the day for me .. I had a good sleep but the incident kept replaying in my head..I got dressed and ate some cereal and just kinda waited to walk to school. When I got to school, everyone was throwing paper at me and laughing at me, faking the whole incident again..I just kept walking. I wanted to cry but I knew if I did , they would just make fun of me more.
Once school started, the nightmare began.. Jessie was again being constantly stared at and laughed at. It wasn't fair. She just went thru class like it was no big deal and ignored all the hate. On her way to science class, some girl tripped her, making all her papers go flying across the floor. She was embarrassed and picked all them up, which meant being late to class.
Jessie's POV-
 I really just wanted to go home then, but I knew I couldn't, so I went on with my way. I went to give the teacher my science assignment , but I couldn't find it because of all the papers that were everywhere and mixed up. Im going to have to call your parents Ms, Jessica. I hated when she called me Ms. Jessica , and she knew it. "Your not organized and you don't have your project" She practically yelled. I just wanted to smash her in the face for yelling at me so close to my face.. Like, personal bubble much?!  So I went home and fell asleep.

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