The Bully

This is a story about a 15 year old girl with a messed up life, she has been living it hard ever since an important member of her family died. She's bullied terribly , and things happen.. read more to find out.


6. Abuse At Home

Jessie's POV-
When I woke up on my bed, I was actually at peace and relaxed..I kinda just laid there and was happy ..until my mom started beating my door in, "JESSICA OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW OR ILL KICK IT IN". I ran an opened the door, and when I did, my mom slapped me straight across the face and I started crying. As if I didn't get enough abuse at school! I ran onto my bed and started crying in my pillow.
Jessica's mother started yelling more.. "YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST FAIL SCIENCE OR NOT PASS IN HOMEWORK WITHOUT ME KNOWING?! YOUR WRONG" It made Jessie cry more and she was really scared. She never felt that scared against her mother in her entire life. She hit her daughter a few more times with a belt and left to pop some.
Jessie's POV-
I kinda just sat there and cried. I had a built in bathroom to my bedroom I ran into the bathroom looking for anything that could possibly relieve the stress.. No pills were available so I found a razor and ripped it apart. All there were, was blades left. I pushed them into my skin, making blood pour out. That blood represents all the pain that my mother caused me. I washed myself and cried myself to sleep.. Hoping that dreams would be more better than reality. But lucky me, my grandfather was in my dream..which made me more sad. So I just stayed in bed all night , looking at my cuts , starting to scar, starting to scab. All the misery in one little place, all because of one person I use to look up to. Also because of the one place I actually felt safe, it wasn't safe for me no more. It was all just a dangerous place for me.. No one, or no place could be trusted..

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