Story of my Life

For the story of my life competition.


1. Story of my Life

We are told to be different all our lives. What happens when we try? We are judged because we're different. And that's how this story starts.

My school is full of the typical stereotypes, though they all fail to see it. The athletes are the top of the food-chain while the nerds are on the bottom. That's what I am. You're typical straight A earning, party hater, always has her nose stuck in a book, nerd. My friends are somewhere in the middle.

Since I'm a nerd, nobody really wants anything to do with me. I'm a shadow, an outcast. I never really fit in anywhere. This means I see and hear things other people normally Wouldn't like the judgements. I guess you could call it a superpower. It's the worst superpower a person can have.

Usually the insults don't start that badly. By that I mean the standard "Your ______ is ugly." Then they're passed around and around the school until they get worse. Until you feel like there's nothing you can do. It's kind of like a rumor.

That's me. The one who can't do anything. I have tried. I have tried to change these problems that keep happening. I can't.

I've tried talking to people, to get them to top. I've tried everything from telling my struggles to helping others. And it never seems like I'm doing enough. It feels like once you get to a certain point, something snaps and you can't change it. You're stuck.

The sad thing is, no matter how hard you try to make them see, they can't. They can't see how they're affecting others. I can. And it's terrible. It kind of makes you feel like it's all your fault.

You see, when you're the one who always forgotten, by your peers and adults, you hear and see things. Things that shouldn't happen to innocent people, people who aren't popular. That's who these things usually happen to. The ones who would never judged another person in their life, so they're judged themselves.

So you see, this is my story. I'm the nerd, the shadow, the outcast. I'm the one who hears and sees. I'm the one is never heard or saw. Maybe I should start thinking of myself as the Lorax. You know, the one who speaks for others. Except, just like the Lorax, I was never heard.





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