Me And Myself

My twin and I have ran away. I must protect her with my life. My farther is drunken fool. He sexually touches us. He beats us. She's all I have...


3. The city

We finally reached the city. It was weird because we hadn't seen this many cars since mum took us here when we where little. She worked as a store manager I think. We hadn't thought this far in to our plan. ' were are we going to sleep? ' she asked. I thought for a while. ' I don't know Lauren ' I said sadly. I didn't want to make her worry, but what else was I supposed to say. I looked around for a bit. No ideas came through. I started to panic. ' we should sit down and think ' she said as she pointed at a park bench. I put her down then sat down my self. We both sat there wondering. ' The money! ' she pulled out the money. We sat there eager to find out how much we took as we counted. ' I have ninety five dollars ' she said as I continued counting. ' one hundred and twenty bucks ' I said. ' maybe we can rent out a motel? ' she suggested

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