My brothers best friend! Oops

Eleanor ,or as everyone calls her, Ellie Payne is 16 she has two brothers and goes to school with her twin brother Tom and her boyfriend. Her other brother Liam, yes Liam Payne, comes back after not seeing the twins in four years. Last time he saw them they were 12, almost 13. Also they were naive and innocent. Not anymore, he comes back to his sister in short skirts and tight tops, and a bad boy boyfriend. What will he do? Will he realise she's not his baby sister anymore


9. Truth or Dare

After the movie ended we all started to play Truth or Dare. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle. Louis looked at me with a smirk on his face. "Ellie, I dare you to kiss Niall for one minute," he said. i blushed and i looked at Niall and he was blushing too. "I don't think so," Liam said. 

"Come on Bro, It's only a dare," Tom said. i sighed and got up and walked over to Niall. i sat in his lap and kissed him softly. He placed his hands on my waist and i placed my hands on his chest. When the minute was up i pulled away. Niall was all hot and flustered and i just blushed. I looked at my lap. i climbed off of Niall and just sat next to him. Tom was smirking and Liam glared at Niall and shook his head. Niall sighed and nodded. The game carried on and we all ended up watching a scary film. I was sitting with Niall and Finn. A scary part came on and i squealed and hid my face in Niall's chest and everyone laughed.

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