My brothers best friend! Oops

Eleanor ,or as everyone calls her, Ellie Payne is 16 she has two brothers and goes to school with her twin brother Tom and her boyfriend. Her other brother Liam, yes Liam Payne, comes back after not seeing the twins in four years. Last time he saw them they were 12, almost 13. Also they were naive and innocent. Not anymore, he comes back to his sister in short skirts and tight tops, and a bad boy boyfriend. What will he do? Will he realise she's not his baby sister anymore


6. Raped her

"Erm no, my baby girl needs to stay nice and slim," Nathan said and wrapped his arm around my waist really tight. I winced and looked down. "You Prick!!!" Finn yelled and punched Nathan. Nathan quickly got angry and threw me out of the way and attacked Finn. "Babe stop!!" I screamed. He carried on punching Finn. "Your the idiot who made herself starve herself!!" Finn yelled. I cried and ran to Tom as he got out of Liam's car. "Tom! It's Nathan, he's fighting with Finn!" I said panicking. Him and Liam ran after me to Finn and Nathan. They pulled them apart after 10 minutes. "Your the arsehole who forced her to smoke and drink!!" Finn yelled

"shut up!!" Nathan shouted.

"you made her anorexic!!" Finn shouted. Tom looked at me. 

"SHUT UP!!" Nathan yelled.

"YOUR THE ONE WHO TOOK HER VIRGINITY!!" Finn yelled. Liam and Tom looked at me shocked. "You raped her," Finn mumbled.

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