My brothers best friend! Oops

Eleanor ,or as everyone calls her, Ellie Payne is 16 she has two brothers and goes to school with her twin brother Tom and her boyfriend. Her other brother Liam, yes Liam Payne, comes back after not seeing the twins in four years. Last time he saw them they were 12, almost 13. Also they were naive and innocent. Not anymore, he comes back to his sister in short skirts and tight tops, and a bad boy boyfriend. What will he do? Will he realise she's not his baby sister anymore


7. FINN!!!

"FINN!!!" I screamed and ran off in tears. 

"ELLIE WAIT!!" Finn shouted and ran after me. i stopped and turned to face him. "I'm sorry.." he said and i collapsed into his arms in tears. he comforted me and pulled me into his car. "the den?" he asked me. i nodded. he drove to the house down the street. Nobody lived here we just always hang put here. Finn unlocked the door and helped me inside. "Now get out of those clothed and change into something more comfortable and I'm making you breakfast," he said. i nodded and went into the bedroom. i grabbed a pair of Navy Leggings and a big comfy knitted red jumper. i went into the bathroom and washed off all of my make up and brushed my hair out loosely and to one side and slowly went downstairs. Finn looked up and smiled. he held his arms out and i went and hugged him. i let tears fall as he rubbed my back. "i'm not letting him anywhere near you, ever," he said. i smiled and nodded. "breakfast time," he said and handed me a plate of pancakes. i looked pleadingly at him. he sighed and cut a small piece off of one pancake and handed it to me on a fork. i nibbled at it and took it off of the fork. he smiled and i rested my head on his chest. he held me close, we stayed there and i had ate half the pancake Suddenly the doorbell rang, "I'll get it, carry on eating," Finn said. i nodded as he lifted me off of his lap and onto the chair.

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