My brothers best friend! Oops

Eleanor ,or as everyone calls her, Ellie Payne is 16 she has two brothers and goes to school with her twin brother Tom and her boyfriend. Her other brother Liam, yes Liam Payne, comes back after not seeing the twins in four years. Last time he saw them they were 12, almost 13. Also they were naive and innocent. Not anymore, he comes back to his sister in short skirts and tight tops, and a bad boy boyfriend. What will he do? Will he realise she's not his baby sister anymore


2. coursework

Eleanor's P.O.V: tom was such a prick. i loved him loads though. when i saw Liam i wanted to run up to him and hug him tight, buth then i remembered i was soaking. me and tom ran upstairs to our bedroom. he always gets changed whether im in the room or not, but i don't. i grabbed a navy skater skirt and a navy tght cropped top and wore Tom's red checked shirt over it unbuttoned. we were both walking around bare foot. "Four years and he's finally here!!" I exclaimed. He laughed and we ran downstairs. They were all in the kitchen and mum was making mini pizzas. "Smells good mum," I said. She turned to face me as Tom snuck behind her. "What do you want?" She asked me. Tom grabbed two pizzas and gave me a thumbs up. "Nothing," I said and she turned back around and Tom threw me mine. I ate it and jumped up and sat on the table next to Liam. I hugged him tight. "I missed you," I said to him.

"me more," he said and I smiled. "Yeah what she said," Tom said with his mouth full of pizza. "Eleanor, Tom?" mum said.

"yeah," we both said in unison.

"have you done your coursework?" She asked us. We both quickly looked at each other.

"course," I lied. We hadn't even started it.

"really?" She asked me.

"y..yes," I lied.mto, laughed.

"go do your coursework," mum said,

"but art is hard!!" I complained.

"it's not," Tom said. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"only because sir actually likes you!!" I muttered. Liam chuckled. "Eleanor!" Mum demanded.

"fine, fine but then Nathan is coming over," I said. Tom had a look of disgust. "Why do you always have to see that fucktard!" He exclaimed. Everyone looked at us. 

"That fuck tard happens to be my boyfriend!!" I exclaimed and shoved him.

"what are you going to do!" He replied. 

"Tom, shut it," mum said. She was ready to pull us apart. "You bloody well know what I will do," I exclaimed as I shoved him again. "Eleanor, calm," mum said. All of the boys looked scared at me and Tom face to face. "Bring it," Tom said. I clenched my fists as he smirked. "Eleanor, remember what they said," mum told me. I closed my eyes and counted to ten. I took a deep breath and stepped back. Tom looked disappointed . I shoved him to the floor and ran upstairs to our room "and still we have to share!!" I exclaimed "despicable!!" I complained and started doing my coursework.

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