My brothers best friend! Oops

Eleanor ,or as everyone calls her, Ellie Payne is 16 she has two brothers and goes to school with her twin brother Tom and her boyfriend. Her other brother Liam, yes Liam Payne, comes back after not seeing the twins in four years. Last time he saw them they were 12, almost 13. Also they were naive and innocent. Not anymore, he comes back to his sister in short skirts and tight tops, and a bad boy boyfriend. What will he do? Will he realise she's not his baby sister anymore


3. A talk with Niall

About an hour later there wasa knock on my bedroom door. "Come in," I said still focused on my work. "Hey," it was Niall. 

"Heya," I said cheerfully and stopped drawing. 

"What was all that about with Tom earlier?" He asked me.

"he enjoys winding me up, and I have anger issues," I said.

"oh," he said. I got up and sat on the bottom bunk. "So you share a room?" He said. I nodded.

"it can be a laugh sometimes and in the morning and with homework," I said and he chuckled. "At home were inseparable but.." I said.

"but what?" He said.

"at school we hang around with other people," I said. He nodded. "Where are the others?" I asked him.

"they went out, it's just us," he said. I smiled and nodded. "Liam was pretty pissed that you had a boyfriend," he said. I nodded. "I thought so," I said 

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