One Direction Imagines *Taking Requests*

Taking requests! If you want one just comment name, boy and situation


5. Imagine for Sarah

You and your friends had gone out for a fun night at the karaoke bar. You loved singing so whilst at the bar your friends persuaded you to do some karaoke.

Standing up on the stage, you immediately burst into the first verse of Hey There Delilah.

When you had finished, you were met by a huge applause. Returning to your seat, you were buzzing with happiness. Not long after, somebody approached your table.

"Hey, that was really good by the way," the stranger said. Smiling, you looked up to see a gorgeous boy smiling down at you.

"Thanks," you replied. 

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked politely. You nodded. 

"That would be lovely," you said."I'm Sarah by the way."

"Niall," he replied, holding out a hand. You shook it.

You two spent the rest of the night talking.

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