Bleeding out

this is a poem about moving on after death it's a little depressing but hey I thought I would give it a go.


1. bleeding out


Bleeding out

I’m bleeding out because now that you’re gone

So is the light that you always shone.

And now they tell me to hold on

And now they tell me to be strong.


I've tried to count all the sins I had

Then I count yours and can’t find one.

 Why did you move on instead of me?

Why do I feel like I’m falling down?


Now you've left and my heart is failing

I take in a rasping breath as I try to stop the pain.

I know now that I must move on and carry on living.

 How can I do that without you here next to me?


 I miss you mother as dearly as I can

But they say you went to a better place.

So I pick up my feet, look to the sky.

 Hope you’re watching me as I carry on.


You didn't make it past that light.

But I did and so I must try,

To carry on living two different lives at once.

One for me and one for you.


Why did you leave me to live my life?

When you can get out free when the going gets tough.

 Now I’m dying a pain worse than death.

 You’re not here to see that anymore.


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