Blue Eyes

Lydia just can't stop herself from examining the world around her. She loves watching people get on with their ordinary lives... even if it does mean getting weird looks for this creepy behavior. Lydia hates herself for having such a "famous" staring reputation, yet one day, her staring leaves her discovering a pretty necklace left behind on a class mate's desk. Intrigued, she tries on the necklace and all her problems vanish... until even more problems start occur. **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas.**


4. Pins and Perfectionists

You know what really frustrates me?

One minute someone could be taunting me or bitching about me behind my back, just close enough so I could hear, then the next I’ll be finishing their Geography homework for them.

Any normal person wouldn’t stand for it.

Any confident person would easily laugh at Karly Green today, when she seized my orange highlighter from my desk. But instead, I tightened my grip on my fountain pen, sending a splash of ink flying across the page.

“Thanks for asking,” I mumbled. “Ran out of orange foundation?” I didn’t dare add.

“Whatever,” she snorted, and she chucked it back, knocking the rest of my pens of the desk.

It was difficult standing up to Karly, knowing that her entire gang of followers would pounce on me afterwards. And even without the followers I’ll probably chicken out anyway.

Like I said, I’m not confident enough. 

When the buzzer rang for break, I was still picking up the pens. Part of me was glad I had something to do – it wasn’t as if I had friends that I could hang out with – so my inner-perfectionist took control as I arranged the pens in rainbow order.

I was interrupted by a loud, unmistakeable burp.

I almost gasped, realising that Miss Gibson was still sat at her desk, completely oblivious to the fact that I was still on my hands and knees, underneath my table.

There was no way I was going to give myself away (I don’t know who would have felt more embarrassed) so I remained under my desk, becoming increasingly aware of the pins and needles I was getting from my uncomfortable position.

She didn’t seem to be leaving any time soon, and continued to stare, transfixed at her computer screen.

She let out another belch, and I did everything in my power to prevent letting out a giggle.

After a few, excruciatingly long minutes, I was relieved to hear the familiar sound of her computer shutting down, and I thanked the heavens that my cover hadn’t been given away. But to my annoyance, Miss Gibson didn’t seem to be leaving any time soon, and instead, just stared at her desk as if her life depended on it.

 It took me a few minutes to realise that she was actually looking at the necklace she had confiscated earlier. I raised an eyebrow; it was just a necklace – why was she so fascinated by it?

A few more painful minutes passed, and I considered giving away my cover – surely getting briefly told off would be better than this torture.

My legs were beginning to ache.

“Mary?” someone said, making me jump.

She seemed slightly irritated by her disturbance (perhaps it was good I didn’t give myself away), “Yes?” she sighed.

“Sandra wants to talk to you,” the teacher said.

“Now?” she frowned.
She cursed under her breath, chucked the necklace towards her drawer and slammed it shut. “Alright, let it be quick,” I heard her say just before she shut the door.

Immediately, I let out sigh and stumbled back on to my feet.

“Close one.” I muttered and hastily stuffed my pens back into my bag.

I was desperate to leave the room as soon as possible, but the necklace chain, hanging out of the side of the drawer caught my eye. And although I knew it’s bad to nose through your teacher’s drawers (particularly when they are in a bad mood) my curiosity got the better of me.

Having a closer look at the necklace, pretty much explained why Miss Gibson was so engrossed by it. The first thing which caught my attention was the charm: at the top, was a glistening, sapphire gem in the centre of two, outstretched wings. Two snakes twisted around each other along the middle, and when looked closely at, even had scales engraved into them. The unremarkable detail and care in the fragile charm had clearly been made by hand.

At the back of my mind, the worrying thought of Miss Gibson emerging back into the classroom and spotting me looking through her stuff, gnawed away at me. But it was nothing compared to the sudden urge to put on the necklace.

I knew that the sapphire part would look amazing with my eyes, and the desire to see the beautiful jewellery on me had become impossible to bear. It was almost as if it was emitting some magnet force; drawing me closer and closer.

This was no ordinary necklace.

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me, so I unclasped the back, placed it uneasily around the neck, and…

…nothing happened.

Almost immediately, the classroom door swung open and Miss Gibson emerged back into the room, with an expression so furious I couldn’t help but picture her as an angry bear.

“What are you doing in here?!” She demanded as she marched towards her desk.

“I needed help with the Armada homework,” I mumbled sheepishly. I glanced at the necklace, sticking out from underneath my school jumper and prepared myself for the uproar that would surely come.

“You should have waited outside,” she snapped, but her expression softened, “just remember to wait outside next time okay?”

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