Blue Eyes

Lydia just can't stop herself from examining the world around her. She loves watching people get on with their ordinary lives... even if it does mean getting weird looks for this creepy behavior. Lydia hates herself for having such a "famous" staring reputation, yet one day, her staring leaves her discovering a pretty necklace left behind on a class mate's desk. Intrigued, she tries on the necklace and all her problems vanish... until even more problems start occur. **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas.**


5. Bridges and Board games

Walking home is usually one of my favourite times of day.

It’s relieving getting away from the backstabbing, the giggling, and the pointless lessons.  And I don’t have to look after Sasha, or act pleased about Mum’s new cookery book. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m thinking about because I tend to zone out a lot. And that’s usually when trouble starts to occur.

The first ten minutes of the walk are usually the worst; the roads and alleyways are full of teenagers, laughing and messing around. But as soon as I take a turn and walk over the “Banana Bridge” I’m by myself.

I played around with my phone screen, fiddling around with apps as my mind wandered. It was only when I was only five minutes away from home when I realised that I had completely forgotten about the necklace.

I swore loudly in realisation, feeling slightly annoyed with myself from being so distracted and half anxious at the thought of Maddy returning to the classroom at the end of the day, only to find that her necklace was lost.

Well, stolen.

I couldn’t just return it; she would be stupid to think that the necklace had vanished and reappeared out of nowhere. 

I remembered how horrified she was when her necklace was confiscated earlier; I could only imagine how much worse she was feeling now - clearly there was a reason why she was so worried about it.

I nibbled at my lip and tried to come up with as many sensible suggestions as possible; perhaps Maddy had forgotten about her necklace as well and would remember about it tomorrow. In that case I just needed to make sure the necklace didn’t leave my sight and slip it back on Miss Gibson’s desk before anyone else noticed.

I sighed, pleased to know that perhaps I wasn't completely doomed.

But I had never been so foolish.


When I got home, I was surprised to find out that Mum wasn’t in the kitchen but sitting in the lounge, playing snakes and ladders with Sasha.

The board game hadn’t been taken out of its case or even removed from its shelf in years. It had even formed a thin layer of dust on top which nobody had been bothered to wipe clean.

“Hey…” I said, raising an eyebrow at the sight of them.

“Hi Lydia, me and Sasha are playing a game of snakes and ladders,” Mum grinned, “we’re watching a film afterwards. Any suggestions?”

“I don’t mind,” I shrugged, “we could see what’s on TV.” Then I paused. “Mum… I swear you have loads of work to do for your cookery book... remember?”

I held my breath, dreading the thought that now I had reminded her she would change her mind and go back to work.

But to my surprise she replied,“I haven’t spent much time with you girls in ages. Work can wait till later!”


“Lydia, play with us!” Sasha begged, “pleeease!”

Eventually I shrugged, and plopped down by the coffee table. “Alright. But prepare to lose!”

That evening was probably one of the first evenings we ever spent together. And when Dad came home unexpectedly early from work and joined us to watch a film, I could happily say that I was having one of the best evenings in a long time.

And the mysterious necklace resting against my chest, completely slipped out of my mind.

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