The story of Diana's life|DISCONTINUED|

Diana is 20 years old, her family died in a plane crash when she was 17.She has just moved to Doncaster, the place she spent the best years of her life.
what happens when she see's her old friend? Will he remember her? How will he react? Read to find out...


9. Never going back.

No ones POV

The thing that shocked Louis the most wasn't that she had a boyfriend, it was that she didn't tell him. She acted like he didn't exist. That's what hurt Louis, that she acted so close to him, she made him fall for her, even when she was with another guy. At that moment it felt like both Diana and her boyfriend, were stabbing him repeatedly in the heart. He didn't know what to do and how to reply.

So, he ran.

He didn't now where he was going, or for how long. He knew only one thing.

That he wasn't going back.

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