The story of Diana's life|DISCONTINUED|

Diana is 20 years old, her family died in a plane crash when she was 17.She has just moved to Doncaster, the place she spent the best years of her life.
what happens when she see's her old friend? Will he remember her? How will he react? Read to find out...


6. Lost

Diana's P.O.V

I finished making breakfast and called Louisdown to come eat, he walked in still shirtless  "hey babe" he smiled, I couldn't help but blush, which I've been doing a lot lately, he sat down and started eating, and me being the creep I am just sat down and stared at him smiling like an idiot, he looked up "Are you just going to"he trailed of at the end knowing that I knew what he meant "oh uh sorry" I said kind of embarrassed, he just laughed at me, and I blushed(again)."So.." I said starting conversation which then lead to a food fight and Louis breakfast in my hair.

Louis P.O.V

She started picking food out of her hair, pretending to be mad at me and failing, and I laughed throwing more at her, she looked at me "if you don't stop throwing food at me I'll empty that whole fridge on you" she said trying to be serious, keyword: trying, "you wouldn't do that, too me" I smiled at her, "your right I love the fridge and the food too much." she said, and we both burst out laughing. Then the doorbell rang, I looked at her, "you go change, I'll get the door" I said, She nodded and walked up to her room I opened the door and standing outside was a boy he looked around a year or 2 younger than me he had green eyes and  blonde hair I've never seen him before but then again I don't really know every human on planet earth, "who are you?" he asked me "who are you" I said back to him,

"I'm Josh, Diana's boyfriend"...

heeeeyyyyy! how are you guys, bet you weren't expecting that were you, I wasn't expecting it either,lol, sorry its a short chapter  and not very good but I will try write a better longer on next time. BYEEEEEE!

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