1. Restless

I feel breathless and restless every now and then 
As a memory slips back of the time when 
I was everything to you and you were the world to me 
But you took it all for granted amd crushed it deriberately 
Fixed me up made me live life and smile once more
Just to tear me down and break me,  worse off than I was before 
And now here I am lost and afraid 
Suspecting each and everyone who I thought cared 
My trust and belief and happiness all gone 
I try to fix it,  pretend everything is right but it all seems so wrong 
I try to hold my self together picking up the broken peices one by one 
But they make me bleed even more,  life has lost all its joy and fun 
I don't know who anyone or i am anymore 
How much I hate to be like this,  so unsure 
I'm afraid of getting close just to get hurt again 
I cant take it once more i cant take the pain 
How am i to fix what i dont know is lost and broken within 
How am i to get to the end when i dont know where to begin

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