The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


10. The Photo

Chapter 10 –The Photo

Well I’m here. I’m on the outside and I have survived 24 hours (just). I haven’t seen any sign of a search party nor have seen any sign of human life or food. I may have survived ‘till now but how much longer I don’t know.

                I found an old pizza parlour to take refuge in – I’m currently sat in front of a nice big fire in the restaurant; the flames are really pretty I managed to light it relatively quickly too. I also found an old photo and after studying it for a while I noticed someone in it. Well more some people in it. It has Mum and Dad in it. I really feel like crying right now because what are the chances that my parents were here when this photo was taken? Slim I would have thought.

It took me a while to notice them because I was too busy looking at the staff and there smiling faces, I didn’t really acknowledge there was anyone else there to start off with. After a while though I looked at the faces of the people being served the pizza, and there they were beaming up at me. It looks like they are being served a pepperoni pizza which fits because it is was Dad’s favourite. It’s been 6 years and I still haven’t got used to referring to Dad in the past tense… but anyway this photo made me smile. Maybe it’s a sign; Dad telling me that he’s on board with the plan and that he’s here with me. I like that thought, Dad being here with me like we’re doing this together. Me and him, him and me – the way it was always meant to be, because he was always there for me and I’m hoping he always will be.

                I better go to bed now because it’s getting late and tomorrow I need to turn this place over for food and supplies before heading out into the big wide world and hopefully into civilisation because I have only been away for 24 hours and I’m already missing human interaction.


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