The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


9. The Monstra

Chapter 9 –The Monstra

Safi lay sprawled across the couch, snores pushing their way out of her lips and into the cool air. Outside everything lay silent and calm until a sudden gush of wind whistled through the trees signalling the arrival of the shadows. They entered each house looking for souls – any survivor would do. The Monstra weren’t picky; food is food.

The pitch black Monstra outside where circling the house and one by one they stepped over the threshold into the kitchen. Then SMASH one of the shadows had knocked over an old vase. Safi woke with a start and looked around. Then she saw them. The shadows doubled in size and advanced forwards. They had not yet noticed Safi so if she could make a quick and quiet escape she could survive with her life. Only if she was quick though.

She grabbed her things and shoved them into her purple gym bag. She made the place look tidy again. The Monstra would notice otherwise. They may be nasty and soul sucking but they weren’t stupid. They could work out if someone had been in the house so Safi put out the fire as quick as she could. This was a bad idea.

Oh god the light has changed. They are going to know. They are going to follow the change in light and investigate. I’m going to die. I am going to bloody die. I’m not even 2 miles from the Corridors and I’m already going to die. Well done Safi, good one. Getting yourself killed within the first day. Congratulations that has to be some new bloody record! Ok calm down there has to be a way out. You have to be able to do something… don’t give up without a fight.

Safi scanned the room and then she saw it; her God send. She had opened a window earlier to keep the room full of fresh air. If she crept over and jumped out she could do it. The Monstra were partially blind that’s why they don’t care if they make a mess. Then again if I was a supernatural being I wouldn’t really give a damn if I messed up your ironing pile. They are the top of the food chain - they don’t care. Safi went for it. She crept quietly over to the window passed the homework and towards the shelves full of pictures. The shadows were coming out of the dining room and towards her in the Living Room, but she still had the edge. They didn’t know she was there and she could see where they were exactly.

She reached the window and let the cold of the glass seep into her palm as she pushed the window open as quietly as she could. It creaked. The Monstra turned and headed towards her, but they still couldn’t see her they could just hear a window creaking, Safi took her chance and jumped out of the window.

She landed with a heavy thud this drew the Monstra closer to the window to find the source of the noise. Safi was already half way down the street before the decided to investigate outside. She ran as fast as she could over yet another hill towards a town the Corridor called ‘Calverley’

Calverley was a new town that had only popped up within the last 20 years. One of the only above ground, safe havens left where the Monstra couldn’t get into. It was a place where people from the Corridors would come to trade and buy supplies for the shops. Safi had never been there before and to be perfectly honest didn’t want to go there. Shop Keepers had called it a horrible place to be. So unclean and un-kept; a ‘pigsty if ever I saw one’ she had recalled the sweet shop owner calling it once. She wandered about when she spotted a body laid across the floor. This prompted a rather swift exit of the alley she was walking down – and without looking back she ran for the main square. The main square could be found at the end of every road leading into Calverley spreading out over a mile in circumference. Safi could tell that something had happened here there was rubbish spread everywhere it looked like a picture she had seen one time of a ‘festival’ her teacher had called it. A place where people met up and listened to their favourite music and bands, but no-one produces any new music anymore between the running away from Monstra and moving underground and trying to keep the Corridors going no-one had a spare moment to think about music. People listen to old music bands like the Beatles, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy – even though they all broke up a hundred years ago their cd’s are still about. Then Safi twigged. There isn’t anything shiny lying about, it’s all dull colours like brown and grey and which soul sucking monster do we all know and love that likes shiny things? I better get out of here and undercover because I don’t want another close shave like earlier on. With that Safi turned around and scanned the area for cover but unfortunately she had run right into the centre of the square and couldn’t read any of the words that were on the old fashioned shop signs. So she took a bet and ran towards a shop with a grey sign with pink scrawl on it hoping that if Monstra were about they wouldn’t want to go for that shop because it didn’t have anything shiny, as far as she could see, in the window.

                As she walked towards the pink and grey sign she realized it was in fact a jewellery store that had managed to not become ransacked by the Monstra… An amazed expression seeped over Safi’s face she could not begin to comprehend how this shop had managed to stay untouched whilst every other shop not containing such sparkly objects had been torn to pieces. She thought it best not to hang about and see whether the Monstra were going to come back and take the jewellery, so she walked right, towards what looked like an old pizza parlour. The faded pizza picture was hung in the window inviting people into the store next to it the opening times and menu along with a picture of what it looked like in its hay-day. The picture showed much happier times judging by the colour of the sticky tape holding it to the window I was at least 10 years old – the picture showed the staff smiling huddled round a set of customers holding a pizza, a fire was burning in the background whilst people around them ate. It looked like a nice place to be. Safi looked up from the picture and realised she had been stood there for half an hour absorbed in the photo looking at every little detail of the staff members faces, taking it all in. As she looked around she saw the sun hide behind a set of hills far to the west as a cold chill flew through her clothes. She pushed open the door and stepped inside. None of the warmth from the photograph was present in the room. The tables were neatly stood at the side of the room behind them stacks of chairs. This place had been lovingly looked after. Every other place Safi had been since leaving the Corridors 24hours ago had been left in a hurry and was always really messy; but this place had been tidied away neatly and everything had been put away as if the owners planned to come back.

                Safi dumped her things by the unlit fire and walked back to the window. She stood for a minute and studied her surroundings. Judging which way was the fastest to escape through, which one was more undercover in case it was raining, which route would lose the Monstra quickest if they were to attack. After Safi had gotten bored of looking at the unchanging square she took the photo down and took it over to where she was going to make a bed.

                Safi got out her sleeping bag and blankets and arranged them in a way she wouldn’t be seen from the outside, but one she could look outside from just in case. She then walked over to the fire at set it alight with a match. She pulled up a chair and sat, and watched, and thought.

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