The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


13. The Journey

Chapter 13 – The journey

Urgh.. what time is it? Is it an acceptable time to get up? What am I leaning on? Is it Felix? What’s this over me? A blanket? How did that get there? I’m so confused right now…

                Safi sat up quickly her eyes wide open like she had heard a loud noise. Well-done Safi you’ve gotten up to quickly and have given yourself a headache… She looked around taking in where she was.

“Morning” said a familiar voice.

“Felix! You’re real! I was starting to think that you were a dream and I was going to wake up in that pizza parlour again” Safi lay back down in the crook a Felix’s arm.

“You’re nice and warm and its cold sitting up”

“Aaaah ok then, how did you sleep?” He said looking down at Safi

“Better than I have done in a while” She said looking up into his eyes

“I’ve not known you for long but I’m not use to you having brown eyes… it’s weird”

“Just think what it’s going to be like seeing yourself with blue eyes”

“Oh god that would be weird! How long did it take you to get used to having blue eyes in?”

“Not too long, a day or so?” Safi sat up again slowly and swung her legs over Felix’s torso. She looked at the old gearstick.

“What’s that on the gearstick?”

“Oil most likely” Felix replied. Safi, still curious, put her finger in it to sniff it.

“Yep its oil!”

“So what about getting used to having contacts in your eye how long does that take to get used too?” pushing her hair behind her ear accidently wiping the oil all over her cheek.

“Same really, it still takes a few minutes to get used to it now. Oh and you have oil on your face”

“Haha really? I don’t believe you”

“Thanks!” With one swift movement Felix grabbed Safi around the back and under her legs and picked her up. He swung his legs over the seat so he was sat up properly instead of lying over all of the front seats. He opened the door and lifted Safi out.

“Felix what are you doing?” No reply.

“Felix? Hello?” Felix looked down at Safi and smiled childishly.

“Hi” He threw the blanket back into the van and turned around and bolted towards the motorway services, kicking the door shut behind him.

“Felix what are you doing?” Safi said laughing.

“Well you have dirt on your face and don’t believe me so I’m going to show you and get you clean”

“How? There isn’t a shower here and I am not getting clean in a motorway bathroom sink” Safi said as Felix pushed his way through a serious of doors getting into the main service station hall.

“You won’t have too” Felix said pushing through a final door. Felix then slowed down as her carried Safi through a long corridor past multiple other fire doors. Like the ones in old fashioned offices. Felix opened another door and walked into a room that echoed his footsteps and the roof shimmered. Felix kicked off his shoes and took Safi’s off for her. She was too distracted by the blue shimmering roof.

“Felix where are we?” Safi said looking round taking her eyes off of the shimmering roof.

“No! No you are not! That’s a mini lake inside a building! You are not jumping in that no! Felix!” Safi shouted as Felix ran forwards with Safi in his arms and leaped in.

“WOOOOOHOOOO” shouted Felix as their bodies hit the previously still water.

Oh my God I can’t believe he just did that! Where is he? I can’t feel him in the water…

Safi’s head popped up out of the water as she tread water trying to look through her drenched fringe that stuck to her forehead and got in her eyes.

“Felix? Felix where are you?” Safi swam about trying to find him but couldn’t see his body in the water because the lights were off.

“Felix?” Safi shouted a giant rush of water hit the back of her head. Disoriented Safi looked around and there was Felix with a pleased smile across his face.

“You’re alive that’s good” Safi said sarcastically.

“Of course I’m alive”

“Well in future can you warn me before you jump into an indoor lake?” She said pushing her hand forwards in the water throwing water into Felix’s face.  Felix retaliated quickly throwing twice as much water back at her, but when the water settled on the surface again Safi was nowhere to be seen.

“Safi?” Felix said worried, he dove forwards to check the bottom of the pool for her drowning body. Felix’s face struck with horror.

“Safi...? Are you ok? SAFI! Where the hell are you?” He ducked under the water and looked around searching for a sign of movement. After minutes of searching he swam to the side and lifted himself out. He walked over to the door they had entered by and felt the wall for a switch. After finding it he flicked it on and waited for the lights to switch on. They didn’t. He remembered one of the first things that the Druggie government ever did was turn off all the electricity so they didn’t have to burn non-existent fossil fuels for oil, that’s why cars and boats ran off good old fashioned steam. He made his way to the side of the pool to sit with his feet in the water and scour the surface for any ripples that would come from air being released or movement.  He saw nothing.

                Safi he’s worried you better show yourself – he saved your life he looks horrified at the thought that he might have killed you a day later.

                Deep under the water Safi swam forwards towards Felix’s feet. Holding her breath and staying close to the bottom of the pool so she could go undetected. Safi got to Felix’s feet and manoeuvred herself at the bottom of the pool in a crouching position ready to jump. With one swift push Safi leaped out of the water and grabbed Felix by the shoulders and pulled him into the water. After swimming to the surface of the water Safi waited for Felix to resurface when she got pulled under with such force she nearly didn’t have chance to catch a breath. With all the water bubbling around her she couldn’t tell what was going on, out of nowhere came a pair of strong familiar arms that locked around her body. She kicked her legs and her body and Felix’s rose to the surface.

                When their heads broke through the surface of the water Felix was there right in front of her holding her in his arms.

“I am never letting you out of my sight again you scared me to death!”

“Not nice to think your bestfriend’s dead is it?”

“Bestfriend’s are we?”

“Well I was worried when I thought you were dead and so were you so I think we’re bestfriends, I’m guessing that’s what bestfriends do? Look out for each other”

“Are you telling me you’ve never had a bestfriend?”

“Why? Is that bad?”

“No I’m just surprised that a pretty girl like you has never had someone to talk to”

“Is that what bestfriends do to? Talk to each other about things?”


“Do they also throw each other in indoor lakes? Or is that just you?”

“That’s just me; lucky you! Oh and it’s a swimming pool by the way not an indoor lake”

“A swim-mning –pool ?”

“That’s it, where did you learn to swim by the way?”

“Before we moved underground we lived by a lake we used to go swimming every day. Dad taught me how to swim and how to sneak up on people in the water and how to hold my breath for long periods of time, just in case it ever came in handy… and it did!”

“Well then I now know that I should never race you or try to out do you in the water… you’ll have to teach me some time”

“Maybe I will”

 “Now shall we go get some breakfast?”

“That sounds like a good idea” Safi smiled. Felix guided her over to the side of the pool and lifted himself out.

“Need a hand?”

“Please” Felix bent down and grabbed Safi’s hands and pulled her out with ease.

“Thank-you! You’re strong you know, all the boys I’ve ever met are always really scrawny and weak”

“Well that is because you were brought on a minimal diet – you eat when there’s food not 3 meals a day to keep you going like I had.” He shook the water out of his brown spiky hair.

“3 meals a day?! How much food do you have?” Safi exclaimed as they reached the main service station hall. There wet footprints trailing behind them.

“A lot. I used to live in a fully functioning city. Me and my Dad lived in a mansion with the staff and then we had all of Dad’s private army living in the rest of the city. Their wives ran the shops and the city did well. We had a farm nearby that had livestock and crops in it to supply the shops and we bought from the shops” Felix said as he put his arm round Safi and guided her towards and old grocery shop.

“How did you protect form the Monstra?”

“We didn’t have any”

“You didn’t have any? You didn’t get attacked every other day? You didn’t have to risk young men’s lives to protect our home?” Safi said shocked

“No, gladly we didn’t have to risk any lives”

“So why did we have them and you didn’t? Is it because you were living in a Satanist colony?”

“That might have been part of it at first but it so happens that you used to live smack bang in the centre of one of the largest Monstra colonies in the UK.” Felix said as he pulled out a chair for Safi to sit in.

“Thank-you, so that’s why we had so many Monstra attacks? Why didn’t we get told? Then moved?” Safi said as she followed Felix as he danced around the shop picking up random ingredients from different areas of the store.

“Because the government failed you. Your Corridor was the smallest of its kind, plus it was full of Pure’s. The government has been largely Satanist for years now it was only a matter of time Dad got full control and the power that he had craved for so many years. Dad had power in the Druggie government; he told them that they shouldn’t move a minority group it wasn’t worth the country’s limited resources” Felix replied as he put all of the food into a bag.

“Oh” Safi replied as Felix led her from the Grocery shop to a restaurant at the other side of the hall.

“Yes oh. He didn’t and doesn’t deserve that kind of power he’ll only abuse it.”

“He is though isn’t he – killing Pure’s”

“Yes I suppose he is, but things will get worse a lot worse” Felix said as he pushed his way through the restaurant service door leading into the kitchen.

“So how do you know about this place? How did you know there was a pool and a kitchen?”

“I’ve been here before, a couple of weeks ago actually, Dad wanted to stop off and get a cup of tea. The place was abandoned already so we had a quick look around and moved on. Never did get that tea.”

“A cup of tea? Really?”

“Yeh why?”

“Your Dad doesn’t seem like a tea drinker more the blood of his enemies type” They burst out laughing. Well done Safi you’ve lightened the mood change the topic you can tell he doesn’t like talking about himself and his family much.

“So what are you going to cook me?”

“Well seen as we’re limited to just gas cooking it will probably be fried sausages and bacon and eggs. Sound good?”

“Yeh sounds yummy! I’ll let you get on with it then” Safi smiled and jumped down off of the unit on which she had perched.

“Do we need anything else?” Safi said as she jumped down.

“What do you mean?”

“Like blankets and stuff? I mean we have a few things but who knows what we’ll run into? I can go have a look in the shops while you’re cooking.”

“Ok yeh sounds good, pillows? Water bottles, sweets if they have any because who doesn’t like a snack? Ummm what else?”

“Ok so water, pillows, sweets and general snacks, newspaper and lighters in case we need to make a fire?”

“Great idea! I think that’s it really, but if you see anything else pick it up.”

“Oky Doky!” Safi put on her dry shoes and made her way to the door they had entered by.

“Oh! Check the tills while you’re there pick up any money you might find who knows whether we’ll need it” Felix said as Safi put her hand on the door to push it open.

“Isn’t that stealing?”

“Safi, have you seen this place? It’s been abandoned for months”

“How come you’ve got fresh, in date food then?” Safi challenged

“Good point actually… maybe it’s only been a 2 weeks then. Still I think it would be better to be financially safe”

“Fine” with that Safi pushed open the door and made her way out of the kitchen and into the main restaurant.

                The room was painted with a deep navy blue colour and had golden trimming halfway up the wall with white panels stretching from the floor to the trimming. A broken chandelier swung precariously from the ceiling. Safi why is the chandelier swinging? I can’t feel any wind… be careful you don’t want to get killed if it falls on your head.

                Safi made her way forwards out of the front of the restaurant into the main hall.

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