The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


6. The Goodbye

Chapter 6 –The Goodbye

It’s time to go. My bag is packed and everyone is asleep. I have my lunch in my bag so I have food for tomorrow now I just need to make it look like a Monstra has come and taken me. Then I’ll nip down along to the left into the kitchens and get some extra food just in case it takes me a while to find a food source. Then I’ll leave hopefully never to return because why would I want to be somewhere where I am forced against my will to do something as horrible as Vocans and then have a party for it?!

                I’m glad I’m leaving but I’m sad that I’ll never get to say goodbye to my Mum. Then again she never seems to care that much about me anymore; not since Dad died. Oh well Hakuna Matata like he used to say. ‘It means no worries for the rest or your days, it’s our problem free philosophy’ my Dad always used to sing after I asked him what it meant. He said it was from his favourite film as a child King Lion or something. He was taking me to go see it when he died… but that’s a story for another time! Anyway I better get going or else people will hear me leave.


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