The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


14. The Fire Mop

Chapter 14 – The Fire Mop

Safi walked out into the hall, her shoes dragging along the floor. She headed over to the plain looking convenience store at the far side of the hall. She shuffled over to the pillows to see whether there was anything of worth to her; she stood browsing the plush toys as a gust of cold wind swirled its way into the shop flicking the magazines open and sweeping its way around Safi brushing her hair up and over face. Safi turned swiftly. The main doors to the service station aren’t open Safi… where is the wind coming from? It can’t be the? No it won’t be… they’ve already been through this place head to toe, why would they come back? Safi grabbed some pillows and shoved them in one of the beach bags opposite, carrying the bag in one hand she wandered over to the sweets rack. She looked over all the sweets and grabbed some gummy worms and shoved them into the bag along with many other sweets. She then turned a walked towards the tills.

 After staring at the till for a number of minutes trying to work out the best way to open it she decided to use a nearby fire axe to break it open with force. Placing the bag on the floor she grabbed the fire axe and braced herself for the fire alarm when she realised that the electricity had been turned off to save the country money – the fire alarm would not work. She skipped over to the till and lifted the axe above her head and whacked the till with the blade waiting for it to pop open. After a minute or so of repeatedly attacking this till the money draw popped out and there in the bottom was a £1 and a penny. Out of anger Safi shoved the till off the end of the desk and onto the floor snapping the wire in the process. With a loud clatter the broken till fell to the floor the pound rolling along the floor.

                Safi stood and watched the pound roll along the hall floor until it rolled into a jet black shadow and disappeared from view. Safi’s eyes followed the shadow upwards to see where it came from. Oh no. That’s a Monstra and it knows I’m here… what shall I do? If I stand still it will still not un-know that I’m here they aren’t stupid. Shall I run for the door and lead them in the opposite direction away from Felix? The Shadows advanced towards Safi. That’s probably your best shot. Take the bag with you though, just in case you manage to outrun them, that bag will get you through a few days until you can find more food. Go for it. It’s your only hope. Safi bent down and picked up the bag filled with pillows and sweets and bolted towards the door.

As she ran the Shadows followed in pursuit, they grew and started to encompass Safi. Whatever you do, don’t look behind you. Safi turned around to see how close the Monstra where to her feet. What did I say?! Panic seeped its way through onto Safi’s face. She passed the kitchen in which Felix was cooking away and glanced over to see if he had been noticed or had noticed what was going on. Safi tripped over her feet and collapsed on the floor. Well done Safi you’re going to die now because you were too busy thinking about some boy instead of concentrating on the life threatening situation in-front of you. Safi turned to face the Monstra that were slowly advancing towards her. Their outlines had become blurred as their numbers increased. They formed a large circle around Safi and where slowly making it smaller. Safi looked around looking for a possible way to escape, looking for anything close by she could use to fend of the Monstra and scare them away. All you have is a beach bag full of pillows and sweets… to be perfectly honest with you that isn’t going to distract them one bit… they’re not teenage girls going to a sleepover. There are soul sucking monsters and they are the last thing you will ever see.

What about Felix? He will come and save me. I hope.

Exactly you hope. You don’t know. Who knows that he hasn’t seen whats gone on and legged it out the back entrance and is currently driving down the motorway in the van?

Because Felix isn’t like that he wouldn’t do that! We’re bestfriends! That’s what bestfriends do they have each other’s backs!

I think you know as well as I do that you’re more than jut bestfriends.

What do you mean?

This isn’t the time if you survive we can discuss this later but once again you find yourself not focussing on the life threatening situation in front of you.

Suddenly there was a whoosh of air and the glow of a light appeared in the corner of the hall. The Monstra slowly crept forwards watching to see Safi’s next move. They didn’t expect someone to give up so easy, but Safi was too interested in the light in the corner. What is that? And what was the whooshing noise? As the Monstra grew nearer so did the light. Is this some sort of sick metaphor? Is ‘God’ trying to make me smile here? Is that the bright light that everyone talks about seeing before they die? Because that isn’t particularly bright. It’s somewhat pathetic if you ask me. Or is it meant to signify ‘hope’? Because again it’s not a particularly strong ray of light so that is making me loose hope to be perfectly honest.

Out of nowhere came an odd popping noise, like the noise a child makes when they have just learnt that if they put their finger inside their mouth and push it out again pushing against the inside of their cheek. And there it was again, and again, and again. They were all in quick succession now, one pop after another rising up from the back of the hall. What is that? Then Safi saw him.

Felix broke his way through the crowd of Monstra a flaming mop in one hand and a plastic bag with something in it in the other. Told you he wouldn’t leave me.

“Come on we’ve got to go” Felix said as he grabbed Safi’s wrist and pulling her up off the floor.

“How are you not dead?”

“A good old trick I learnt when my Dad took a year’s interest in m wellbeing and safety; Monstra don’t like fire” Of course! Fire! Good old fire!

                But you didn’t have a match so you couldn’t have saved yourself either way.

Shut up you we’re alive now and we have so hope of surviving in the form of Felix.

                Felix and Safi ran a bit further towards the main doors of the Service station hall. Felix moving the mop side to side violently in front of him, clearing a path for him and Safi t run through. As they reached the door Felix turned and pushed the door open with his back and dragged Safi through.  The bag full of pillows and sweets still in hand.

                As they ran towards the van the sun beat down on their backs. The clouds moved silently overhead showing no sign of rain. The sand from the desert around them providing nowhere to hide, they reached the van and drove as fast as they could down the motorway.

                Safi watched the Monstra pursue them in the van’s wing mirror. They followed Safi and Felix as they drove for what felt like half an hour but was in fact only a couple of minutes, until they abruptly came to a stop.The Monstra backed off. Can they not catch us whats happening? Why aren’t they following?

                Why am I asking this do I want to die?

“Felix where have they gone? Why aren’t they following us?”

“Have another look outside” Safi wound down the window and stuck her head out. She looked at the Monstra and there on the floor in-front of them was the mop.

“You threw the fire mop out the window?”

“Of course I did! I can’t exactly put it in my pocket and save it for later can I?”

“No I suppose not… So where now? Because we still need food”

“Look in the bag beside you” Felix nodded towards a pale white plastic bag sat in-between them. Where did that come from? I swear it wasn’t there a minute ago… Safi opened the bag and there inside it was 6 bacon butties.

“You made them! I thought that might have taken a back seat because you know there was a small Monstra attack…”

“Small? That my friend was not small! But your right it almost did.. but like I said before I’m starving” Safi pulled out the Bacon Butties gave one to Felix to eat as he drove, and kept the other for herself. She pulled her knees into her chest and ate the bacon buttie careful as if it where her last meal.

“So where are we going to?” Safi said as she finished her buttie

“I have an idea where we can go… Do you like the beach?” At that moment Felix put his foot down.

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