The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


1. The Existence

Chapter 1 – The existence

The year is 2156. World Hunger is over, but that’s because Africa is underwater – it was good at first, rivers were running through the barren land, it was beautiful, until they broke their banks and flooded the country. The ice caps had melted you see… Just like they had predicted a 100 years before it took them a while to completely melt so we had chance to rescue the wildlife but now that once great earth feature has gone. Africa had the worst flood defence it was too busy spending the countries income on food and supplies to help aid the people who needed it, they saw it as a good thing- that the Gods had finally decided to help his suffering people. I can safely conclude God doesn’t exist because why else would he kill so many people so brutally? Others thought it was a new Noah’s ark thing again, but the tribes have of Africa and the ones who are burning holes in the Ozone layer with over usage of C02. That’s us. The big nations, the ones that could afford fuel and cars. Some people even thought it was the start of the Apocalypse but I think everyone on this planet would agree that the apocalypse would a blessing right now. A fresh start for humanity; but we’ve had no such luck.

The war against terror rages on. Luckily there aren’t many attacks, but every year on the 9th of September there is an awful attack in each country killing thousands. The government can’t predict when or where it is going to happen because each attack is at a random time and place. Many people flee from the big cities and high buildings in case they get attacked. However the terrorists always seem to target the places where there is the highest concentration of people at one time, like they are able to switch plans completely and still never be discovered and stopped. There have been many attempts to predict where the terrorists originate from where there ‘base camp’ is. Again no such luck.

                100 years ago teenage girls thought that monsters were ‘cool’ because they sparkled in the sunlight. We know this is different. Monstra are the product of demons that are fed too often. The soul of their carrier is ripped in two and out of their body as the demon leaves. I saw this once; I was just shopping with friends when the man next to me collapsed… all you could see was this shadowy creature push its way out of the man’s body as he lay limp on the floor. It was scary - but unfortunately this happens to people every day.  If you’re from the past you may think that Monstra are like vampires that suck blood but that’s just ridiculous! It doesn’t hold enough nutrition for a supernatural being to survive… but souls do.

                Demons exist. A man posted a video on YouTube showing the beast inside. At first we thought it was just another viral CGI video on YouTube. It wasn’t. When people started to realise what they saw was true and that they could see it in themselves it sent everyone into panic mode. It scared us all; people thought it was the start of the apocalypse that they had all been hoping for. It wasn’t. It just took the thought some getting used to. Many cities have ‘shut down’ and stopped trading, people ran away into Corridors buried into the hillside to hide from the Monstra.

                My name is Safi. I’m 15 years old. That man was my Uncle. I feel weirdly proud that that was him – he wasn’t even a scientist or a psychologist, just someone who was very observant. I was there celebrating my 4th birthday when he recorded the process of bringing out his Demon. We call this process ‘Vocans vestra daemon’, or Vocans for short. Almost everyone has tried Vocans, a few people died doing it because they were too young. My grandparents say that their Grandparents would have called it a type of ‘drug’. At first I didn’t know what the term ‘drug’ meant, but after looking it up in the library it used to be a slang term referring to an illegal substance that makes you ‘high’. The term ‘high’ refers to someone being stocked up on ‘bad drugs’ like cocaine, LSD and things that are now extinct because of overgrowing and over usage. Their use started to fall out of culture when people became immune to the drugs very quickly. Being ‘high’ means that your balance and coordination is off, you are in a dream- like state and people laugh and giggle at the slightest of things. It’s rather immature really… but that’s what people say it’s like being without the other part or your soul.

                The government put a legal age on Vocans – if you’re under 16 it could kill you instantly because you, and it, are still growing and if your demon is released from inside you to soon the connection will be so weak that as soon as it is released it will rip out your soul and run away leaving you dead. That hasn’t stopped people, the same thing happened with illegal drugs 90 years ago. But there is one way to ‘get rid of’ your demon, I say ‘get rid of’ but you never really can. It always lives inside you. However it only feeds off your bad thoughts and nasty actions, so if you’re good you should be ok the risk of it killing you and it becoming a Monstra is very slim.

 Being ‘good’ sounds like that old fairy tale where people used to believe in a man named Santa Claus who lived in the North Pole and delivered presents to good children on the 25th of December ( Xylo Day to you and me). You can always tell how good someone is by the level of brown in their eyes – the darker the brown in your eyes the better you were, and if you look closely in the pupil of your eye you will see a face staring back, screaming at you when you wake up and look in the mirror when you brush your teeth. That is your demon. You can tell by the look of it what it’s planning – but most days they just sit there and do nothing.

                This is weird for me pouring my life into a book but it relieves stress – which is good because stress also feeds Demons. The thought of something living inside me scares me. People say I’ll be ok because I’m still classed as a pure (someone with no fully grown or particularly strong demon). I hope they’re right because I couldn’t bare the embarrassment of changing my Demon status on my papers. People think changing your status is a right of passage but I think it’s just weird, I don’t want to Vocans and never do.

Some people think that have a strong demon is a good thing, that it shows power and leadership. This is why there is such big divides in society. ‘Hippies’ is 180 year old term, it used to mean a person that would fight against war and nuclear weaponry. Now it means a pure. Technically on my papers I’m classed as a Hippy but I don’t see the need for definite social divides, so I just leave it as pure. There are also the ‘Satanists’ which is also an ancient term, meaning devil worshipers. Nowadays it means Demon worshipers those people who think that your Demon is a powerful thing that should be kept under control as not to make more Monstra - but beings that should be let loose to roam for half the day. The last social group, as it were, is the ‘Druggies’ which basically just does what it says on the tin. This is the largest group of them all, it encompasses everyone who has ever used Vocans if only once, to those who use it just for the drug like effect but not something to be worshiped or treated like a separate being.

A while back things got ridiculous regarding status; people where only allowed in certain shops depending on their status but that died down as people started to move underground and hide away from the growing population of Monstra. The government is run by Druggies but only because they retain the largest following. As soon as that number changes in the Satanist’s favour we’re all doomed. For the last 10 years the Satanist’s have been gaining followers and if they gain 1000 more we’ll automatically fall under their rule. 

The thought of that scares me because their first priority is too wipe out the Hippies and abolish the law that keeps this country running – Vocans is illegal to those under 16 years. If they do that every child who will be able to speak will be able to Vocans, but the children won’t be able to control it, it’ll just leave the body as fast as it could, taking their soul with them. As you could probably work out the Monstra population would triple in a matter of months and overall that would mean more deaths for those not smart enough to work out what is going on.

Deaths have already gone up in the last 11 years since Demons were found – because as soon as that started happening Monstra became real too. There is no hiding. There never was. We just didn’t know it then. They just called it being nasty and selfish but that was really their Demon controlling their thoughts. Demons didn’t see the need to leave the body back then – they could just control the brain. Now the human race has evolved and become immune to ‘brain tapping’. They had to find a new way to control us. They found it.

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