The Pure One

Safi is a 15 year old, brown eyed girl. Now to you and me that seems perfectly normal, but the year is 2156. Having Brown Eyes is a bad thing; especially when their are Monstra about. Having to stay in the Corridors and face her Induction scares Safi to death. She wants to run away and escape the horrors that face her, but are there more horrors out there than there are in the Corridors?


12. The Boy

Chapter 12 – The Boy

 Oh no… am I? Where’s my stuff? Is mum ok? I didn’t hear a shot? Am I dead? Is this what this is?

                Safi calm down think about the last thing you remember then work it out from there.

                Ok so I was watching the strange men and they dragged out my mum and then I found out they killed Dad because Mum thought he killed her brother and Creator Richard. And now we’re all dead. So why can’t I see them? Surely I should go to heaven or something like that? Surely it should all be white not black, with pearly gates in front of me and my Dad behind them welcoming me with open arms? Oh no… I could be in hell… Maybe running away from Mum has sent me into hell… Or maybe I’m nowhere. What if this is what the afterlife looks like? What if there is no meeting the dead, maybe it’s just black. Maybe I meant to sit here for eternity in a black place talking to myself. I’ll send myself insane... that can’t be good…

                Wait a second I said sit. Not lie or float or anything else like that… I’m actually sitting on something I can feel the floor or a seat or something pushing against my bum. And a… head rest... Yes a head rest! I’m alive! I’m not dead! So if I’m not dead where the hell am I?

                Think Safi you’ve worked out you can feel so what other sense can you use to work out where you are without giving away that you’re awake?

                Well… Umm… What else is there?


               Oh god yes! How could I forget that I could hear? Ok so what can I hear? A muffling sound like an un-tuned radio perhaps? I can hear whirring and turning like an engine of some sort… and another sound that is so familiar, that I haven’t heard in a while… I’m still none the wiser to where I am…

               Here’s an idea for you… How about a car or a van or a moving road vehicle of some kind?

               But if I’m in a car who’s driving because I’m pretty sure it’s not me… Open your eyes then and find out.

Safi’s eyes fluttered open and looked around. I’m in a van I was right. The sun reflected off the metallic plates on the dash board into Safi’s eyes.

“Your awake, that’s good – I was starting to think I’d put you in a coma or something” Said the driver

“You’re that kid” Safi forced out “You’re the one that was sat in the chair, you’re the one that disappeared… I thought you’d told the grey haired man to come and kill me”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Because you’re a Satanist.”

“You’re smarter than you look”

“So why aren’t I dead?”

“That’s a weird question… take a guess. Humour me”

“Umm ok then… because you want to kill me later?”

“What’s with this obsession with death… or is it with someone killing you specifically?”

“Neither. Have you seen the colour of my eyes?”


“Are you an idiot?”

“Do I look like an idiot? If I do, how am I able to drive a car?”

“Ok fine you’re not an idiot you’re just not as smart as you look”

“I know what you’re getting at. You have brown eyes and I have blue”

“So you do get it”

“Yeh I’m not an idiot” He smiled, his baby blue eyes lit up as he turned to look Safi in the eye.

“So why did you not kill me?”

“I thought you were guessing?”

“Why do you always answer with a question?”

“I could say the same for you.”

“Fine… are you being rebellious? Trying to make a statement against your Dad?”

“Now if I made a statement again my Dad he’d kill me no thought about it. You saw what he did back there to…”

“He was your Dad?! Do you even know who he killed back there?!”

“Yes I do, that’s why I stepped in”

“Go on then Mr Smarty-Pants who was it?”

“It… it was… your mum”

“You’re smarter than you look”

“Can we move on please I don’t like talking about all the horrible stuff my Dad has done. Please”

“Ok then you can tell me why you abducted me”

“From my point of view I saved you”

“Go on then humour me” I like this guy, he seems nice. Not like the boys in the Corridor they’re all really boring and nowhere near as cute.

Safi focus he’s gonna tell you what happened.

“As you know and correctly observed I was sat on the chair watching the horrors that were happening- when that poor man got shot for talking about the green eyes-“

“Yeh what or who are the green eyes? I’ve never heard of them before”

“Well they’re a tiny group of people who have Green Eyes. The Green Eyes are the people born without visible demons; “the Purest of us all” they’re called but they are dying out. There are the only people left on earth who have demons that brain tap.”

“I thought we had evolved to be immune to brain tapping?”

“So did I ‘till Dad captured a Green Eye, the Green Eyes are just as evolved as us, they can still Vocans if they wanted too. There is just something in the genetics that code for green eyes that stops their demons being visible in their eyes. Dad gave me all of the scientific explanation, but to be perfectly honest I wasn’t listening properly”

“Oh ok thank-you. You can carry on with your story now” Safi smiled.

“Ok, well before the man got shot about the Green Eyes I looked away, I hate seeing executions, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted an old pizza parlour my Dad used to take me to, and there in the window was a beautiful young girl with her ear pressed against the window taking in what was happening” He said I was beautiful… is it a ploy to get me on side? I doubt it... but still, be weary. “And then the roars and cheers happened and I lost sight of her. The stupid men raising their arms to show their appreciation of a horrible cause. Dad then looked in her direction but she had disappeared, so I went to go and investigate. Dad is used to me getting bored and wandering about while he does big speeches – I walked over when he announced he was going to get the prisoners we had kidnapped earlier. He was going to go in the direction of this girl I had seen – and if he saw her he would most likely kill her. So I hurried over in through the open back door of the parlour and closed the door. He couldn’t see who was in there now and he would be too busy to care. Now I just needed to successfully make contact with this girl. I couldn’t find her anywhere in the back so I assumed she was still in the front of the shop I had just not been able to see her. After all, glare from the sun was shining off the shop windows making it hard to see. So I walked through to the main shop. I stood at the back of the shop waiting for my moment to talk and introduce myself; I didn’t want to scare her see. Then she walked into me. I don’t think she realised it was me; I’m guessing she thought it was the wall because she didn’t turn. She whispered under her breath what sounded like ‘Mum’ then it hit me. This girls mum was about to be shot by my Dad’s cronies.  I couldn’t let her see that. No child should ever have to see that. The woman outside was talking to my Dad I couldn’t hear what they were saying properly but the girl listened intently. Until Dad nodded at his men. They grabbed the woman and threw her onto the floor. The girl lurched forwards and I took this as my moment to stop her seeing the horrors that were about to unfold. I grabbed a bit of broken pipe that was lying on the floor. Grabbed the girls mouth so she would scream and bring attention to herself and hit her with the pipe to knock her out. I then picked her up carefully and put her into the nearest van I could find. The gun went off and in that moment I decided I needed to run away. This was the excuse I was looking for to get away from Dad for a bit. He had gone power crazy since the Satanists took over the government. I grabbed the girls stuff and put it into the back of the van and closed the van doors. I then crept round to the van that had my stuff in it and brought it over to the van with the girl in it. Went round to the driver’s side and hotwired the car and got it started and drove off as fast as I could. I didn’t want to hang around. Not while the men were on high alert.”

“Right so you just hotwired the van? You can just do that? That’s just one of those things that you can do?”

“Yeh… can’t everyone?”

“No not really… stealing cars and vans is not normally done by people”

“Really? I got taught it in school… Interesting to know how everyone else lives” He gave a cheeky grin.

“Ok so now you’ve told me why I’m here, what's your plan?”

“Umm… I don’t know I was hoping you could help with that?”

“To be perfectly honest I have never been out of the area. My uncle mucked everything up before I could have a proper childhood because after he found the demons I only had 7 years before we moved underground… That’s when your lot got obsessed with status and rubbish”

“Don’t blame me I was only 11 when the status thing happened”

“Oh so you’re 17? You forgot to mention that”

“Sorry I got a bit caught up with driving and making sure you weren’t actually dead”

“Actually you haven’t even mentioned your name either”

“Neither have you”

“You first”

“I’m Felix, nice to meet you”

“Safi” They shook hands

“So now all of those pleasantries are out the way can we start making a plan?”

“Wait your name is Safi?”


“As in Safi Daemon?”


“Your Uncle is the Creator?”

“Yes.” Safi sighed Great! Let the 101 questions begin… maybe I was wrong about this Felix kid.

“Good to know” That's it?

“Wait your Dad killed him… and my Dad got killed because of it… why am I even in this van with you? Your Dad tore my family apart!”

“We all have baggage…”

“Yes but your family is responsible for my Dad’s death!”

“And your family is responsible for sending my Dad power crazy and forcing me into a grown-up world with no mother”

“Yes but – wait you don’t have a mum?”

“No, yes, no, can we move on please?”

“Umm yes I guess.”

“Where would you like to go?”

“Umm I don’t know anywhere? All I remember is the Corridors and a city shop from when I was little”

“Ok, I have an idea; we’ll go somewhere remote, where no-one can find us”

“Who said I didn’t want to be found?”

“You were in a pizza parlour… on your own…”

“Ok I guess… carry on”

“We’ll go somewhere that I have been loads of times but is full of brown eyes so my Dad will never expect me to go there”

“What if search parties form my Corridor come to find me? And find us?”

“Because they’re all- Umm… its far away they won’t be able to get there on foot” He’s hiding something – keep your guard up. Stick by him though pretend you’re not weary of him; he’s your best chance of survival.

“Ok then. Let’s go there”

“Great!” Felix exclaimed. Safi turned her head away from Felix and took a look outside the window. Desert was rolling past them, unchanging flat plains of sand and sun. The occasional cactus rushed passed them as they drove. They carried on this way driving and not speaking for a few hours until the sun began to set.

“How long was I out?” Safi asked

“It’s getting darker quicker than I expected it to be”

“A couple of hours, you woke up briefly or it looked like you did, but it might have been some sort of sleepwalky thing… then you started to snore so I guessed you had fallen asleep” How embarrassing…

“Ok thanks for letting me sleep I haven’t slept properly in a while”

“It’s ok. Oh! I have something for you” Not even a first date straight to gifts this guy works quick… Felix slammed on the brakes and jumped out the van.

“Felix where…?” He had gone. The door at the side of the van slid open and Felix started rummaging through what must be his pile of things.

“Ah here we go!” He picked up a little box and shut the side door of the van and walked back to the driver’s seat.

“Here you go – for you” He passed Safi a small blue velvet coated box.

“Umm thank-you?” A puzzled expression spread across Safi’s face.

“Oh no it’s not like that! My Dad has put an order out; any brown eyes must be brought to him so he can judge whether they should be executed or forced to Vocans. Those are blue contact lenses”

“So…?” Felix reached up to his eye and poked it. With his finger came a small glass like disc. He looked up.

“You have brown eyes… Why didn't you tell me?”

“Because I thought it was quite a bit to take in all in one go 'I'm going to save you, my Dad's the leader of the Satanists oh and I have brown eyes' No exactly straight forward... I bought 20 boxes of blue contact lenses the day after my induction day. I didn’t want to ever repeat what I had to do the day before, it scared me. I bought them so I could always appear like I had blue eyes- like I was always my father’s son.”

“I thought contact lenses where band”

“They were… but not in America. Dad had a business trip there so we decided to do my induction over there. Before we left by ferry I bought them. Dad never asked what was in the boxes and I never told him”

“So you want me to where them?”

“I’d rather not have you killed and me tortured to find out why I was with a Pure”


“Welcome, keep them safe though I try and use a pair for as long as I can before it starts to be obvious that they’re contacts.”

“Ok I’ll put them in in the morning” Safi put the box with contacts in, on the seat beside her and pulled her knees into her chest and rested her head against them.

“Night” Felix said

“Night” Safi replied and with that she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

                Felix sat there carrying on driving in the silence. Every so often glancing over to Safi to make sure she was ok. After another hour or two Felix was starting to get tired of watching the road, so decided to pull over in an old motorway service station. He parked up and hopped out the van round to the back. He grabbed a blanket and hauled it out through the van's side door. He pushed it into the van's cab and draped it over Safi. He looked about to make sure no-one was about and took out his contacts and put them in a box of their own, he took a final look about then when he decided that is was safe enough to let his guard down he lent his head against the head rest and closed his eyes and followed Safi into a deep sleep.

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