Sweet Love (The third book)



2. two; the Ellen show.

Me and Niall were currently on our way to the Ellen show, since it seemed like a nice way to make everything official, you know. Well most people already know through the pictures and stuf but we wanted to conferm it. We've been ingaged for about a week and we haven't told anyone but Niall's family. I wanted to tell Dan but he never really picked up his phone. I sighed at that thought. "We're here, princess." Niall said pecking my lips and I smiled as Niall helped me out of the car. 

So the boys are going to get interviewed first and after that me and Niall will be interviewed if I'm right. I sighed and waited backstage until someone asked me to follow them. I nodded and followed them to the side of the stage. 

"And here she is, the beautiful Allison." Ellen spoke and I walked up, giving the audiance a small wave.

"How are you, Allison?"
"I'm fantastic, thank you. How about you?"
"I'm great, thanks for asking."
I flashed her a smile and she smiled back.
"Ok, so Niall. How are you and Allison here doing?"
"We're better than ever."
He said with a smile on his face as he took my hand, causing me to smile too.
"That's nice to hear, so on twitter there are some rumours about you two, aren't there?"
"Yes, yes there are."
I giggled
"The most recent rumour is about you two getting married, right?"
"That's correct."

"Okay, so the rumour started when you guys were in Paris and these pictures were posted by fans." Ellen said and the pictures of me and Niall appeared, some weren't really clear but I smiled at them.
"So my questions for you guys are, are these pictures real and are you getting married?" I looked at Niall who looked at me and we smiled at eachother.
"I'm extremely happy to say that these pictures are really us and yes-"
"We're getting married."
 I finished his sentence and he pecked my lips.
"So I guess that maked me the luckiest guy on this earth." Niall said, not losing eye contact with me. 
"You two are so adorable, stop it." Ellen joked causing everyone to laugh. "No but seriously congratulations and the best too both of you. Thanks for being here."
"Thanks for having us."
I said with a sweet smile.

Me and Niall walked off of the stage hand in hand. "I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!?" Harry dramatically yelled. "Harry shut up, Alli I'm your cousin!" I blushed. "I thought y'all know, you're on twitter alot and me and Niall wanted it to be a suprise anyways." I said  softly. "I guess we just thought the fans were photoshopping again." Louis said softly. 

I looked at Liam who had tears in his eyes and suddenly walked of. "Liam?" I asked as I walked after him.

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