Sweet Love (The third book)



22. twenty-two

"Hunny I'm home!" I jokingly yelled, struggling to hold all the coffee's. I bumped the door open with my bum and set the coffee down on the coffee table. Everyone walked over and Louis gave me a dissaproving look when I realised something. "Where's Niall?" I asked confused and Louis shook his head, handing me his phone. Pictures of me and Luke were all over the internet. Ones where I gave him weird looks, ones where I held his hand, ones where I hugged him and ones where I kissed his cheek. Michael looked at me with sempathy and I felt like I was going to cry. "Niall is on his way home." Louis said and I felt my heart break. "He told us to tell you never to speak to him again..." Harry said, his voice sounded full of hurt. "And maybe you shouldn't talk to me again either." He whispered, walking out of the house. "I'll go after him..." Liam said as his hand traced a relazing circle on my back. I nodded and he walked off. "You have some explaining to do." Louis said coldly. "It isn't what it looks like." Michael practically yelled. Louis shot his head over at Michael and than back at me. "Than why isn't she explaining." He said before walking out of the house. "Babe I trust nothing happens. I know you and you're not that kinda girl but you have to tell me exactly whay happened." Claire said as she hugged me. "I'll explain but I just want to be alone right now..." I whispered and she nodded. "Call me whenever... I'm here for you." I nodded and she gave me a weak smile before exiting my house, Zayn following behind her. Zayn turned around once they were at me door and looked straight at me. "Call me Al. I'm here for you." He told me calmly and I flashed him a weak smile as I slowly nodded. They left the house and as soon as Michael pulled me into a hug I started crying. I sobbed into his chest and he rubbed my back. Soon Luke and Calum joined the hug and after about ten minutes I pulled back. "I really have to be alone right now..." I whispered and they nodded understandingly before slowly leaving the house. 

I grabbed a bucket full of ice cream, a spoon and chocolate. I sniffled and walked up the stairs, changing into yoga pants and one of Niall's sweaters. I put on a random horror movie and sobbed in my bed eating ice cream. I slowly took out my phone and called my dad but as usual it went straight to voicemail.

"Dad... I know you have this really, really big case that you're working on and you're really bussy but I just-" I cut myself of, trying to blink away tears. "I just really need you right now..." I sniffled and you could hear in my voice I had been crying. "Dad I really messed up and I- just call me back... please." I hung up the phone and cried harder when I realised something. Well someone. I now felt even more bad because I basically abandoned Demi. I picked up my phone and sniffled, calling her.

"Hey Al! I've been wanting to call you! I really miss hanging out with you." I sniffled a little. "Alli what's wrong?" She asked, her voice full of worry. "I really fucked up Demi." I sniffled and it stayed quiet for a moment. "I'll be over in twenty." She said before hanging up the phone. I burried my face in my pillow and let out a frustrated scream. "Why am I such a fuckup?" I whispered to myself.

The doorbell rang and I whiped my tears before opening the door. I didn't even want to know how I looked. Demi's smile dissapeared and she held up a basket with movies and food. "I brought you this." She smiled weakly and I hugged her. 

"So.. what happened?" She asked taking a spoon full of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream "I was mad at Ashton and we had been in a fight so we met up at Starbucks to talk it out and I forgave him because he just didn't want me to get hurt and then I had to leave and I kissed his cheek and paps took pictures and they look really wrong and Niall saw them and now he's on a plane back to London..." I was able to choke out and Demi hugged me. "Did you explain to Niall what happened?" She asked me and I shook my head no. "He was already gone when I got back home." I told her with a sniffle. "Ashton was right Ali. All Niall does is hurt you. I mean look at you. You're wearing yoga pants and his sweater while we're watching sad movies and eating our brains out... and than he doesn't even let you explain? He cheated on you, did he forget that? You just kissed your friend on the cheek. You're amazing Alli and if Niall doesn't see that he's just stupid and doesn't even deserve you." She said as she rubbed my back. "But..-" I cut myself of when tears rolled down my cheeks. "But what Alli?" I looked her straight in the eyes and sniffled.

"But I love him..."

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