Sweet Love (The third book)



20. twenty

I smiled and replied to him.

@_xAllisonAshley (<I don't know if this is a real username) I love you too baby <3 @NiallOfficial

Niall smiled at his phone and kissed my lips softly. "Let's play truth or dare." Claire said with a smirk and everyone nodded.

(A=Allison, C=Claire, N=Niall, H=Harry, Z=Zayn, Li=Liam, Lo=Louis)

A - You're no fun but okay... I dare you to tweet that Larry is real and that y'all want to get married.
Lo - Alright then

He took out his phone and tweeted it, everyone was going insane.


Lo - Liam, truth or dare?
Li - Dare, duh
Lo - I dare you to declare your love for Allison on twitter.

Liam smirked, taking out his phone and Niall tensed up emediatly. I grabbed his hand and pecked his cheek. "I only love you, Ni. You have nothing to worry about." I whispered and he pressed his lips against mine softly. "I love you so much, Alli." He said and I smiled at him, pecking his lips once again. "I love you too, Ni." 

Li - Allison, truth or dare?
A - Dare
Li - I dare you to call Michael and tell him you're in love with him.

I giggled and nodded, taking out my phone and called Michael, putting him on speaker. "ALLISON YOU LITTLE FUCKER I WAS SLEEPING" He yelled, jokingly offcourse. "Michael it's like six pm" I said furrowing my eyebrows. "Your fault, you're the one that keeps me up every night." He said. "You're the one coming to my house." I giggled and Niall tensed up. Shit. That does sound pretty weird for him. "Michael I'm in love with you." I sais holding back my laughter. "No Allison, you're on drugs." He laughed and I furrowed my eyebrows. "No but seriously." I said and I heard him chuckle. "Who dared you to do this because that person is stupid, I;m talking to you Liam." I furrowed my eyebrows. "How did you eve-" I was disturbed by loud banging on the door. "Fucking Michael Clifford and his bitch as friends." I mumbled under my breath. "LANGUAGE!" Michael and Louis yelled at the same time causing me to giggle as I opened the door, being greeted by four idiots. "WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE!?" I yelled angrily as I pointed towards Ashton. "Alli I'm sorry..." I felt myself getting even more angry. "I NEVER FUCKING WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN I HATE YOU!" I yelled, pushing him and pushing him until he grabbed my hands and pushed me up against the wall. "Allison calm down." He said while I was trying to catch my breath. "I'm sorry." He said  slowly and I rolled my eyes.

"Just go, Ashton..." I whispered, getting out of his grip and slowly walking away.

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