Sweet Love (The third book)



26. twenty six

"wooooooo!" Harry yelled as the bowling game ended and Harry won. I rolled my eyes and Niall started laughing. "Someone doesn't like loosing." I stuck my tongue out at him and Claire chuckled. "She's neverr liked losing." She giggled and I glared at her. "Love you too." She said with a giggle and I couldn't help but let out a giggle. 

*3 months later*

"I love you." Niall whispered in my ear, playing with my hair as we layed on the bed, watching The Notebook. "I love you too, Niall." I said, a smile forming on my lips. Niall kissed the top of my head and I slowly looked up at him, conecting our lips. "Do you love me?" Niall asked me and I smiled and nodded. "Niall, ofcourse I do. I told you like five seconds ago." He smiled and pecked my lips. "How much do you love me?" He asked and I smiled. "More than anything." I told hi truthfully and he interwined our fingers, smiling at our hands. "I love you more." He whispered in my ear and I smiled. "No you don't." I whispered, pecking his lips. "We love eachother evenly." He said, pecking my lips. I rolled my eyes and pressed my lips against his, our lips moving in sync for a while. "But I love you just a little more." He whispered under his breath. I took a pillow and hit Niall with it. Soon enough we were having a pillow fight and when I say 'pillow fight' I don't mean something you see in those teenage movies. It was a full on war with fords and all the furniture was turned over, it looked like a bomb exploded. 

The bell suddenly rang and I saw Niall slowly stand up. "Allison wherever you are we will continue this later I'm going to get the door!" He yelled. I didn't respond I just sat there and once he opened the door I took my shot and jumped on top of him, hitting him with the pillow, not even looking who was in front of the door. "That's not fair! We had a break." He yelled and I laughed. "I never agreed! Give up and tell me I won!" I yelled. "NEVER!" He yelled and started to tickle me. "Niall stop!" I yelled, laughing uncontrolably. "Say you love me!" He yelled back. "N-Niall I l-love y-you!" I was able to choke out and he stopped tickling me and sat up, pecking my lips. "I love you too." He said with a stupid smile. I smiled back and he put a loose strand of hair behind my ear, staring into my eyes. Coughs got us out of our trance and I finally looked up to see Maura, Greg and Denise stand there. I felt my cheeks heat up. I was so emberassed. I got off of Niall's lap and smiled awkwardly. "Hi." I said finally looking up to face them again. They were all smiling at me and Niall and Niall pecked my lips. "Come in." Niall said smiling. I looked at Niall with wide eyes and mouthed 'they can't' he furrowed his eyebrows and mouthed 'why not' I nodded towards the pillow, refering to the rooms that looked like a war had found place there. His eyes widened and he smiled at his family who were taking of their coats. "Wait here." Me and Niall said in unision before running into the livingroom and cleaning up as good as possible in ten minutes and I swear I think we broke a record. We raced eachother back to the hall and apolegised before we all walked into the livingroom. 

Maura, Greg and Denise put the presents with the others under the tree. Did I mention tomorrow is Christmas? Well it is. I smiled at the tree and made everyone hot coco before we sat down on the couch and watched 'Elf' 

After the movie ended I awkwardly sat there. "I invited your dad to come over tomorow." I said quickly. Niall's eyes widened. Niall had told me about how he and his mom are in a fight with his dad but I couldn't help but invite him I mean, he is his dad. Maura, Greg and Denise's eyes were also wide and I uncomfortably shifted. "Why would you do that?" Niall finaly spoke, trying his hardest not to get mad or yell at me. "Because it's Christmass and I just wanted everyone to get along." I said looking down at my lap. "You know I'm in a fight with him." Niall snapped. "I'm sorry..." I whispered and didn't dare to look up. "She just wanted to celebrate Christmass with the family Niall. You don't have to snap at her." Denise said. "Denise is right, Niall." Greg's voice was heard and I realised Maura hadn't said anything. "Baby I'm sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you but it's just a touchy subject right now." Niall said pulling me into a hug. "I'm sorry, Nini." I said and he hugged me a little tighter. "It's okay baby." He said and I looked at him. He pecked my lips and smiled weakly. "I don't have the right to snap at you..." He said, a look of quilt spreading over his face. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. 

"I invited your mom over..." He whispered and my eyes went wide.

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