Sweet Love (The third book)



29. twenty nine

*idk how many months later but it's like summer now*

"You look amazing oh my god." Claire said and I smiled at her. "Thank you, so do you." I told her and she smiled. "I've got a suprise for you." She said grinning from ear to ear before opening the door, showing a smiling Demi. I smiled widely. "Demi! Oh my God I missed you so much!" I screamed, hugging her. "I missed you too! But I'm not the only suprise." She giggled and I furrowed my eyebrows. Until she stepped to the side, showing Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton. I felt like crying and Michael, hugged my tight, spinning me around. "Mikey!" I screamed, hugging him back. "I missed you so much." I said and he smiled at me. "I missed you too best friend but don't cry! You're to beautiful to cry." I smiled and nodded. I hugged Calum and Luke, telling them how much I missed them before hugging Ashton. "I can't believe I'm saying this but I hope you and Niall are really happy together." He said softly as he hugged me tight. "I will always love you, Alli." He whispered so that only I could here it. "But if Niall make's you happy I'll try to be happy... for you." He whispered and  I smiled. I pecked his cheek and that's when they had to leave the room. "Oh and Alli?" Michael asked and I nodded. "Yeah." He smiled at me. "White looks good on you." He said before winking and walking out of the room. 

The music started playing and I grabbed Louis' arm. He smiled at me and I smiled back as we started walking down the long path. Niall looked at me and covered his mouth, smiling widely. "I love you so much." I told Louis before hugging him. He smiled and nodded. "I love you too, now go to your prince charming." Louis chuckled and I smiled, standing in front of Niall as he took both my hands. "You look absolutely beautifull." He whispered and I smiled. "So do you.. well like a man kind of beautifull, like handsome, I don't know this is so awk-" Niall chuckled, cutting me off. "I can't believe that even on our wedding day you're adorably awkward." He said and I blushed. 

I stared into Niall's beautifull eyes, not paying attention to the man talking. "I do." Niall said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Allison Marie Brooks, do you take Niall James Horan as your beloved husband?" I nodded smiling. "I do." I said and a tear of joy rolled down Niall's cheek. 
"If there's anyone ubjecting to this marriage, speak now."

GUYS HEY HEY HEY IDK I SORT OF JUST. Okay so I think this story is going to have like one or two more chapters and that'll be the end of this serie so please tellme how you want it to end because I love all of you and I want all of you to be happy, so yeah... TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT TO END <3

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