Sweet Love (The third book)



31. thirty-one

I fixed the tiny bit of smudged make-up and sighed of relief. Thank God for waterproof make-up. I walked back into the church and everyone's eyes were fixed onto me. I looked over at Niall who just ran over to me, hugging me tight and spinning me around. "I don't care what people say when we're together." I whispered in his ear. "I love you." I added and he held me a little tighter. "I love you too, more than anything." I smiled at his words. "Can we start this over?" I asked the man. He nodded and took out his little book.

"Do you, Niall James Horan, take Allison Marie Brooks as your beloved wife?" Niall smiled and nodded. "I do." I smiled and looked at our hands. "So you, Allison Marie Brooks, take Niall James Horan as your beloved Husband?" I smiled and a tear of pure happyness ran down my cheek. "I do." Niall smiled at me. "If anyone object-" I didn't care if it was rude. "Skip that last part." I whispered before pressing my lips against Niall's. Everyone clapped and Niall smiled against my lips. 

~One Year Later~

Me and Niall greeted everyone as we entered Louis' house. Claire was cuddled up against Niall and they are so adorable I just can't. Demi was playing with Liam's dog, which he had brought with him, Louis and Harry were arguing about unicorns, I swear, these boys concern me sometimes... and Liam being Liam was chilling on his phone smiling like an idiot as he texted his new girlfriend who all of us still haven't met yet. 

Oh let's straighten this out. Liam has a girlfriend, Zayn and Claire are basically the most adorable couple that you will ever meet, me and Niall are extremely happy with eachother, Harry just started dating this girl and I keep forgetting her name but I met her and she's a really nice girl and she's also really pretty, and than there's Louis and Katherine but they haven't seen eachother in like forever since Louis is bussy with One Direction and Katherine is very busy modeling and Louis misses her like crazy wich really breaks my heart. 

Me and the 5SOS boys have talked everything out and are closer than ever and guess what? They moved to England, my babys moved to England. "So how's the whole being married thing?" Demi asked snapping us out of our thoughts. I smiled at Niall who smiled back at me. "It's amazing." We said in sync before pecking eachothers lips. "You two are so adorable, stop!" Claire giggled and I stuck my tongue out at her. 

~Three years later~

"Can I hold him?" I asked grinning like a small child as I looked at Liam's girlfriend Summer with puppy eyes. She smiled and nodded, carefully handing me the new born baby. "Hi cutie." I smiled and I swear the baby smiled back at me. The baby smiled at me. This is so adorable. I didn't even know baby's could smile.. awkward. Louis and Kathering smiled at me as I made silly faces at Liam's and Summer's baby. "They get along so well it's adorable." Yes everyone calls me adorable all the time because I'm the youngest and they're mean. Even Harry calls me baby because of my age while I'm like 2 months younger than him and his girlfriend is 20 days older than me. "It's because they have the same mental age." Louis whispered with a chuckle and I shot him a death glare.

"I can't believe y'all beat me to having a baby." I pouted and Niall chuckled. "You can't even handle out cat." Niall chuckled and I playfully stuck my tongue out at him. "But princess hates me and always scratches me." I pouted and Harry burst out in laughter. "You named your cat princess?" He asked. "She told me if I didn't agree with her she'd punch me in the throat." Niall laughed. "That's something that she'd do." Louis chuckled and I giggled. The baby slowly fell asleep. "Well I think that Alli would be a great mom, she just got our baby to fall asleep in minutes while it takes us hours." Summer smiled at me sweetly and I smiled back, flashing my perfect teeth and dimples. 

I slowly handed Liam his baby and he smiled at me. I sat down on Nial's lap. Soon Elena (Louis and Katherine's baby) started crying and Louis groaned. "It's your time to change him" He said and Katherine gave him a look. "Oh no it's not I changed him last time." She said with sas and snapped her fingers in a z formation. "Can I do it? Please? Baby's are so cute, aren't they cute? Yeah they're cute." I interupted them causing everyone to chuckle. "That's until you have one." Zayn told me with a chuckle. Yeah, when I said 'y'all beat me to having a baby' I meant everyone. "Shut up Zayn. Yeah you can change him, Allison." Louis said grinning and I squealed excitedly and jumped up. "I like your bum in those jeans." Harry said with a playfull smirk earning a smack in the head by Gabriella (his gf) I giggled and picked up Louis and Katherine's daughter, walking towards her room to change her. 

As I was putting her diper on two strong arms wrapped around my waist. "Do you ever think about having a baby?" I asked Niall carefully and he smiled. "All the time." He admitted. "I'm just affraid I won't be a good mom..." I trailed of. "Babe you'll be a fantastic mom. Everyone sees it, they're actually talking about it right now." Niall chuckled slightly and I smiled. "Niall do you wanna have a baby?" I asked blushing a little and Niall smiled and nodded. I finished changing Elena and picked her up, walking back into the livingroom. 

~One Month Later~

I sat on the bed, grinning like a small child as I held the piece of plastic. "And?" Niall asked curiously through the door. "Come in here." I giggled and Niall entered. Niall smiled as he saw my expression. "Is it what I hope it is?" Niall asked and I smiled and nodded as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I showed Niall the piece of plastic and he smiled, hugging me tightly. "I love you so much." Niall whispered in my hair. "I love you too." I whispered. "I'm calling everyone." Niall said and I smiled and nodded. 


"What's up why did we have to rush over here?" Harry asked running into the livingroom, followed by Gabriella. "Seriously Harry calm the fuck down." She laughed and Harry just smiled, pecking her cheek. "I love you too." She just smiled and they sat down. I smiled and jumped up and down. "Allison why are you so excited? Are you on drugs? Damn it Alli. Why would you even think about doing dr-" I cut Louis off. "I'm pregnant." I said interrupting him. The angry expression of his changed into a happy one as he ran over and hugged me. The girls all squealed and everyone was really happy for me. Michael hugged me tightly and I smiled into his chest. "Now our baby's can be best friends." He whispered and I smiled and nodded. "Just like us?" I asked and he nodded. "Just like us." I smiled and pecked his cheek. Michael wrapped an arm around Demi and she smiled at him, pecking his lips. I still have to get used to them but they are absolutely adorable. Now that I think of it everyone was adorable and so were their baby's. Ashton looked at me and smiled weakly. I sighed but that didn't stop me from smiling. I'm having a baby. A baby. An adorable piece of me and Niall. Niall.. the man I love. I smiled at my thoughts. 

I'm going to be a mom. I thought to myself as I started smiling like crazy. 

A mom.

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