Sweet Love (The third book)



17. seventeen

I pressed my lips on Nialls softly, one last time before staring into his beautiful blue eyes again. "Goodnight, Niall." I whispered. He smiled and softly kissed my forehead. "Goodnight, Allison." He whispered back. I hugged him tight and walked towards the front door. I turned around one last time to see Niall smiling like an idiot and running a finger over his lips, looking at nothing. I unlocked my door and walked in, pressing my back against it, closing the door. I ran a hand over my lips and smiled. I'm falling for him over and over again. 

"Who were you with?" An Australian accent asked me, causing me to jump. "Shit, Luke. Why are you still in my house, giving me a heart attack." I breathed out and Luke just chuckled. "Well everyone's still here accept for Demi because she said we were annoying her." Luke said shrugging. I sighed and opened the door to the livingroom wide.

"MICHAEL!" I yelled since he was my best friend. He jumped up, opening his arms dramatically. "ALLISON!" He yelled back running towards me freaking tackling me to the ground. "Thank you for that." I mumbled, rubbing the back of my head. "Sorry." He told me with an apologetic smile. I pecked his cheek. "It's okay Mike."

He sighed of relief and got off of me, helping me up. "So how ws your date?" He asked playfully bumping me with his shoulder. "It was really fun." I told him and caught myself smiling like an idiot. "That's great, babe! So you're finally getting over that dick Niall?" He asked with a smile and I bit my lip, looking down at the ground. "Your date was with Niall, wasn't it..?" Calum asked, dissapointment in his voice. I nodded slowly and ashton suddenly pounched the wall. Anger issues much...

"Why would you get back with him Ali? He cheated on you." Ashton said through gritted teeth. "But I lo-" He quickly cut me off. "You what, love him? You're so pethetic Alli! Do think he'll ever love you for real!? If he really did he'd never fucking cheat on you in the first place!" He snapped, his voice full of anger. A few tears ran down my face and I shot my head up from the ground to look at him. "I get it Ashton! How can everyone ever love me right?!? I'm just pathetic, right!? I know I am now because I thought you were actually my friend! You should be happy for me but the only thing you do is get mad at me! I hate you Ashton Irwin!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. The room fell silent and Ashton had a single tear rolling down his left cheek. "A-Alli-" I was so angry I didn't even let him finish.

"Get out..." I said my voice just above a whisper. "W-what? Alli I didn't mean it like that." He said with a slight sniffle. I jumped off of the couch and pointed towards the door. "GET OUT!" I yelled, more tears streaming down my face. Luke pulled me into a hug, rubbing my back slowly. "I think it's time to go mate." He told Ashton and before I knew it I heard the front door open and close. "C'mon Alli, let's get you to bed, it's been a long day." He spoke calmly. I nodded and pulled away from the comforting hug. I changed into my pj's and me and the boys fell asleep while watching movies.

It's two in the afternoon right now and me and the boys are bored to death. "I want to paint my hair." I said, litterally out of no where. "THEN WE SHALL PAINT YOUR HAIR MY SISTER!" Michael yelled throwing me over his shoulder, walking towards a hairdresser, followed by Calum and Luke.

"Hello Michael, back again I see. What can I do for you?" A woman covered in tattoos asked and Michael smirked. "I'm not here for me this time. My friend Allison over here wants to paint her hair." He said pointing at me. "What colour hunny?" She asked, turning towards me and I bit my lip, thinking. "Go sit down Alli. I'm going to decide what we'll do with your hair." He said with a smirk and I slowly nodded, sitting down on the chair he was pointing at. I saw him tell the lady something and she nodded before they both walked up to me. She smiled at me and said nothing, covering up the mirror in front of me."It's a suprise." Michael said and I felt myself get nervous but nodded.

*two hours later*

"All done." The lady who's name is Alexandra told us, turning of the blowdrier. "It looks amazing!" Michael cheered and I closed my eyes as Alexandra went to take the towel off of the mirror. "Whenever you're ready." She said with a chuckle and I nodded, slowly opening my eyes and my mouth litterally dropped. Different than I'd ever choose but it looked great. "I love it, thank you." I said, running aa hand through my hair. She smiled and nodded. "Any time." I smiled at her and turned to Michael. "You look hot." He said and I giggled. "So do you." I told him, since he decided to paint his hair also. He took my phone and went to camera. We both smiled on one picture and on the other I pecked his cheek. 

I opened up twitter and decided to tweet.

So me and my best friend decided to paint our hair @Michael5SOS

I tweeted that with the picture where I gave Michael a peck on the cheek. I emediatly got replies like 'it's so pretty!' 'you're perfect' 'I love it' and 'This was michael's idea, wasn't it' I giggled and put away my phone.

(This is Allison's hair btw)

This chapter is really random I'm sorry I'm just having mayor writers block :( 

Also pwease check out my newest fanfic 'Black Roses' It's a Zayn fanfic ;)

But what do you think; Why do you think Ash got so mad? & what'll happen between Allison and Niall? 

Love y'all x

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