Sweet Love (The third book)



19. nineteen

I smiled at Niall's comment and stood on the tip of my toes, pecking his cheek. He smiled and blushed a little, pecking my forehead. "LET'S GET INSIDE BECAUSE CLAIRE BEING THE FRIGGEN ANGEL SHE IS BROUGHT CUPCAKE MIX!" I yelled, dragging everyone into the house. Claire and Zayn were flirting on the couch, Louis was in a conversation with Harry about carrots and Liam and Niall were having a fight about who was stronger. So guess who ended up making the cupcakes... yes, you were right. It was me and may I ad the only thing I can cook is a pizza and that doesn't count. I sighed and started.

I was extremely concentrated on making the cupcake's when someone hugged me from behind, resting their head on my shoulder. I started to giggle. "Niall stop, I have to concent-" I cut myself of and nearly dropped the bowl of cupcake mix. "What the fuck Harry." I whispered/yelled. He turned a bright shade of red and Niall came walking into the kitchen. "Hey babe, what's all that noice about?" He asked me smiling and pecking my cheek. "Nothing babe." I told him with a sweet smile, softly pressing my lips against his. I slowly pulled back and continued to make the cupcakes. Harry had left and Niall had wrapped his arms around me from behind, resting his head on my shoulder, softly kissing my neck now and then. 

I put the tray of cupcakes into the oven and jumped onto the kitchen counter, taking the bowl with left over cupcake mix and eating it. "I want someeeee" Niall whined and I giggled, giving him the spoon. He smiled at me and I giggled, pecking his cheek. Niall started to lean in slowly and our lips almost touched when he put a little of the mix onto my nose. I pouted. "Nialllll" I whined and he chuckled and leaned in again. "No, now I don't want to kiss you anymore I'm mad at you now." I said childishly while crossing my arms. "Oh, you don't want to kiss me anymore?" He asked raising an eyebrow and I nodded with my arms still crossed. He kissed my forehead, then my temple, then my cheek, than the corner of my mouth and after that he just came really close, staring into my eyes with his beautiful blue ones. I bit my lower lip. "Just kiss me already." I said before smashing my lips onto his. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands stayed at my waist as our lips moved in sync. I wrapped my legs around his torso and smiled into the kiss. He quickly ran his tongue over my lower lip and I slightly opened my mouth, allowing our tongues to explore eachother's mouths. After a ten minute make out session we pulled back for air and rested our foreheads together. I smiled and so did he before pecking my lips again. "We should go back to the livingroom." I told him, still catching my breath and he nodded, helping me off of the counter. He  held my hand as we walked into the livingroom finding the boys in a random conversation and Claire smirking at us. "Oh my God, Claire what did you do?" I asked already concerned. She just smirked and unlocked her phone, showing us pictures. They were of Niall and I making out in the kitchen and one of resting our heads together and smiling. I turned a bright shade of red and Niall smiled. "Do you mind sending me those?" He asked and Claire nodded, sending him the photo's. He put them as his background and jumped onto Claire's lap when my phone started buzzing and I saw my twitter notification's go crazy right after. I opened up my twitter and smiled at the tweet. It were the pictures of me and Niall kissing with his hands on my waist as mine were wrapped around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist and the one of us in the same position but not kissing, just staring into eachothers eyes. I smiled at it before reading the tweet, causing my smile to grow even bigger.

@NiallOfficial: I love you Allison Brooks

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