Sweet Love (The third book)



4. four *SHORT*

"And what do you fucking want?" I spat as I finally picked up the phone after Liam called me like 20 times. "To talk..." He said and I sighed. "Not a chance." I said. "Autumn, please." He begged and I sighed. "Okay, fine. But after that don't talk to me again." I said annoyed. "Okay.." He said. "My house in 20 minutes." He said before hanging up. "Dick." I mumbled as I threw my hair up in a high ponytail. I looked at my outfit. It was okay. I was wearing a random pair of skinny jeans and one of Niall's sweaters because he has all the nice ones. I slid on my red Supras and walked out of the door. 


I knocked on Liam's door and he opened in about 3 seconds. I walked in and turned to face him. I sighed. "What?" I asked him and he sighed. "I love you Allison." He said and I rolled my eyes. "You had your chance, Liam. Than you got back together with Danielle and now that I'm finally happy you decide to tell me you love me?" I asked angrily.

"Alli.. I-" He started but I interupted him. "Save it Liam, I'm done with your shit." I spat before putting my hand on the doorknob. 

He took my wrist and I turned around. "Let go of me, Liam." I said pulling my wrist but he didn't let go, he just stared into my eyes. "Liam, fuck off." I said. He let go of my hand but pulled me close by my waist. 

He stared into my eyes and I tried to get out of his grip but I couldn't. "Alli." He whispered, puting my hair out of my face. "Liam, seriously. Let go of me. You broke MY heart." I said and he looked away. 

"And now I'm here to fix it." He said before pressing his lips against mine.

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