Sweet Love (The third book)



5. five

I pushed Liam away and tears started to form in my eyes. I looked away. "Niall already did." I whispered before running out of the house. Why would he kiss me? Why would he do this to me? 

"Princess what's wrong?" Niall asked concerned. Should I tell him? He diserves to know. Plus if I don't and he finds out he'll be even more mad. "L-L-Liam k-kissed me." I cried out and hugged Niall who was tensed up. "I'm going to kill him." Niall said through gritted teeth and walked out of the door. I ran after him. We came to Liam's house but appearantly he wasn't home. Niall took out his phone and texted someone. Once he got a reply he walked of again, me following him. 

We arrived at the centre of the city and Niall spotted Liam. "Niall, please don't do anything stupid." I cried out but he ignored me. "Hey mate!" Liam said waving at Niall who was walking over to him. "Niall." I said but he ignored me again so I called Harry and asked him to come over, knowing this wouldn't end well. 

Niall stood in front of Liam, looking agry as hell. He pounched Liam right across the face and camera's flashed. But Niall didn't care. He pounched Louis in the guts, causing him to fall to the floor. He kicked him into the stomach and I tried to het him off of him. Harry and Zayn arrived and broke them up, holding Niall back. "NEVER TOUCH MY GIRL AGAIN!" Niall yelled, full of anger and I really think if the boys weren't here he would've killed him. Niall was breathing heavily and Zayn walked over to Liam. I was crying and Harry put an arm on my back, rubbing circles. "Niall... please calm down." I cried out and he emediatly calmed down and looked at me concerned. "Baby I'm so sorry. Please don't cry." he said.

"Harry... can I please sleep over at your place tonight?" I asked my voice nothing more than a whisper.

A/N sorry that the last two chapters are rubbish and short but I'm having mayor writers block, please understand ily x

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