Sweet Love (The third book)



8. eight

I smiled at Harry and pecked his cheek. He smiled at me and leaned in for my lips. I moved away slightly and he looked down. "I just don't think I'm ready to kiss anyone else yet..." I whispered and he nodded. He pecked my forehead. "Be safe." He whispered and I smiled before getting on my plane. I smiled and saw Harry, Zayn and Louis were crying. I waved at them and flashed them a weak smile. Tears streamed down my face. I knew I was going to miss them more than anything but I just couldn't stay... I turned around and whiped away my tears before walking towards my seat. 

Once we were high up in the air I leaned my head against the window and just stared in front of me, listening to the music on my Ipod. "Hey, are you okay?" I heard a girls voice say and I shrug my shoulders. "I- I don't know." I said with a sniffle. I looked at her and she smiled at me sympatheticly. "I'm Demi, Demi Lovato." She said and I shook her hand. "Allison, Allison Brooks. And I know who you are, I love you." I said and we both giggled. "I'll be in Australia for about three weeks, we should hang out sometime." She said and I smiled and nodded. "I'd like that." I said and she smiled, we handed eachother our phones and put in out numbers. 

"You're Niall's girlfriend, right?" She asked and I felt my heart drop. "He- eh- we- I thought I w-was." I said and tears started to roll down my cheeks. "Oh, sweety what happened?" She asked me. "H-he cheated on m-me." I said with a sniffle and she pulled me into a hug. "Oh sweety..." She said rubbing circles on my back. I sniffled and my phone buzzed. 

From: Hazzabearrrrrr -
Hey love! I miss you so much! skype? Your plane has wifi right?

To: Hazzabearrrrrr -
I miss you too haz, and sure let me take my laptop.

I took my laptop from my hand lugage and opened up my skype. "What are you doing?" Demi said with a giggle. "Harry asked me to skype." I told her and she smiled and nodded. Harry called me and it took a while for the screen to load.

"Hey, love." Harry said when it finally loaded.
"Hey haz."
"How are you?"
"I think I'm okay..."
"I'm so sorry babe, do you want me to pounch Niall?" I giggled when he said that.
"No thank you." I said with a giggle.
"I really miss you..."
"I've been gone for about an hour... but I miss you too."
"Niall is really stupid, you know..." He said softly and I smiled weakly, holding back tears. "Hey babe, are you okay?" He asked concerned and I shook my head no.
"No, I just don't know why he would do this to me Haz."
"He's just stupid." Harry said with a weak smile. "Harry?" I heard someone from the background yell, following by a door close. "Niall, what are you doing here?" Harry said, turning around. 
"I have to go haz." I said with a sniffle.
"I'm sorry.."
"It's okay... I love you."
"I love you too haz."
"No, Alli. I love you." My eyes widened.
"W-what?" I asked but he already hung up. 

"What's wrong?" Demi asked me sweetly. 

"Harry just told me he loved me..."

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