Sweet Love (The third book)



18. eight teen

I got back from shopping with the boys and finally haad the house to myself again... soon realising I was bored out of my mind. So I picked up my phone and already knew who to call. 

"Hey Alli."
"Shit Ali, you don't have to scream, I need these ears ya know. But okay I'll be over in like ten minutes or something."
"Allison shut your face or I'll pounch you." She giggled a little and so did I.

We hung up and just as she said she was over in about ten minutes. "I brought cupcake mix!" She dramatically yelled, holding the cupcake mix high in the air. I squealed. "Wanna make 'em now?" I asked with a sweet smile and she rolled her eyes. "No, I want to worship it and than throw it at a random old lady down the street." She said sarcastically and I couldn't help but laugh. "FOLLOW ME!" I yelled, running away and into the kitchen. Well... trying to, but Claire being the friggen athletic asshole she is -I still love her tho'- litterally tackled me to the floor and started tickling and me -being the ticklish ninja I am litterally pounched her in the stomach, not that hard tho' so we ended up both nearly choking from laughter when my phone rang, I grabbed it and picked up.

"Zaynnn- wait why are you up isn't it like, I don't know, late in the UK."
"Maybe you should open your door my little COD playing angel."

I jumped up and ran towards the door, yanking it open I saw Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis there and tackled all of them. "I missed you!" I yelled, well I didn't miss Liam but he doesn't have to know that right now. I got off of them and they all smiled. "GET THE FUCK INTO MY HOUSE!" I yelled and everyone started laughing. "Jesus Ali stop fucking yelling are you on meth or some-" She cut herself of when her eyes met Zayn's and they both just stared into eachothers eyes. I coughed and they snapped out of their trance. "I-I'm Zayn." Zayn stuttered, awww. "I'm Claire." She said with a sweet smile and I smiled at their adorableness. "W-where's Niall?" I stuttered a little and felt my cheeks heating up. Louis rolled his eyes, clearly looking annoyed, Harry looked hurt and Liam had litterally no facial expression and I should stop saying 'litterally' I'm sorry. Niall suddenly jumped into my sight and I started smiling like an idiot, jumping into his arms as he spun me around.

"I missed our hugs." I said into Niall's chest and he held me a little tighter. "So did I, princess." 

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