Song Lyrics

Sup peeps!! So here in this book they'll be lyrics of different kind of songs you suggest (or I have chosen) I do have the lyrics for midnight memories (ALL SONGS) and I will not post them till the date. You may have searched lyrics online, but hey! I kinda do this for fun. Soooo, directioners, mixers, selenators, Taylor fans, book fans, beautiful fans, plz do suggest some songs. I'll be delighted to post them for others to see :)


6. Note


So I like made a cool book cover. And I know there's like NOTHING related to it......

But like directioners can read it. And suggest cool songs. Soooo yeah.

Sorry about that I haven't uploaded to be honest. I've been overs seas. And now I have school, but I'll try and post many lyrics as I can just for you guys.


And it will be great if u still can suggest some songs.



Love always,

Mimi <3


Plus I might be posting links...... For like the songs.















 whatever I'm going to say don't dare get scared....


someones watching you.....



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