The names Ella

Ella and her friend Jazmin go to a one direction concert and get back stage pass because Jazmin is naills sister, they talk to the band and they end up being asked to hang out with them after the concert but what will happen when they play truth or dare and Ella's secret and the boys secret spills?! Read to find out.


13. The beach


Ella, Angel, Destiny and i are going out to the beach with the boys but Harry says he is busy i wonder what he is doing, anyway i cant wait to go to the beach i love swimming and also getting a tan but..... Mostly swimming, i have this hot new bikini its got a tropical beach scene on it (so cool!).

Yay we are going to the beach, i think i will take my hot pink bikini (hot pink is the colour), mmmmm i cant wait to see Zayn in his beach shorts and no top on with his gorgous six pack
" umm ella i think your drooling a bit" jazmine laughed while snapping in front of my face,
" oh sorry" i whispered a little embarrased but them i remebered she is my best friend why am i embarrased?
" hey Jaz I'm going to go get a snack can you text the girls and the boys and see what time they are coming round?" I shouted while already walking down the hall way
" sure lazy bum!" Jaz giggled
Oh she is going to regret saying that

 I grabbed my phone and started to text     
Start of text message
J: hey girl when r u going 2 b here?
D: um in bout 5 mins we r already in the car
J: k c u then
End of text message 

I grabbed my drink bottel filled it up then started to text Niall my bro from the same mo 
Start of text mesage
J: sup bro ;)
N: sup sis 
J:how long till u get here
N: we r just parking the car and i c destiny and angel anyway ily sis
J: ily 2 bro c u in 2
End of text message

"ELLA!" I screamed
"WHAAAAT?!?!" She screamed back
" well arent you in a lovely mood my friend" i laughed
" oh yes im in a perfect mood " she replied sarcasticly 
" very funny and they are here so are you ready?" I asked
" yes i am ready and i will get the door" she said while walking backwards and banging into the door
" FIRETRUCK!" Ella shouted which made me laugh ( ella has been trying to stop swearing so she says firetruck and sugerplum fairies hahaha)

" FIRETRUCK!" I heard ella shout i think that bang was her 
The door then swooshed open and there she was looking as beautiful as ever 
" hey guys come in " she said and made way for us to go through
We all walked in and said hello, had a snack and of course the girls talked.

" hey guys come in " i smiled and moved aside i talked with the girls and they told me about the bikinis that they are wearing, amazballs destiny is wearing a cute as black bikini with a golden ring on the bikini top and angel is wearing a pink and black bikini which she looks super hot in if i may add,
I got some snacks for everyone then we where off to the beach in the boys ten seater van.



" last one in the water is a rotten egg!" I shouted and started to sprint to the water with destiny close behind then louis, zayn was almost catching up to him and niall, angel and liam where just walking, well i guess there are getting pranked.


AHHH it feels so good to just lay in the sand the boys look so cute!  In their swimming trunks LOOKING LOVELY!, 
" i think i am going to go into the water now boys" i said to niall and liam they both smiled and said okay, so i got up and started walking to the water slowly 
As i stepped one foot in i thought it was waaaay to cold but then all of a sudden niall picked me put me over his shoulder and dumped me in the water 
Luckly there where no kids around because when i surfaced i screamed
" NIALL YOU FUCKING BITCH!" And then whispered 
" you have ten seconds, run" he followed my instructions and ran as fast as he could but i didnt bother counting and just chased after him


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA angel got dumped into the water 
All of a sudden a gush of water came onto my face i looked up and saw lou
" BEACH!" I shouted but he just laughed 
" i swear lou i am going to get my revenge you duck!" I said and started to swim away but of course i bumped into destiny who had a bucket of water but as she was about to dump it on me it somehow turned right around and it all got dumped on her and i know i am not supposed to be swearing but i cant be bothered anymore so
" ha karmas a BITCH!" I laughed and swam away i heard the boys giggle  aside from niall who is still being chased. 

Hours had passed so we decided to go walk around and get some ice cream, we all walked together, laughing and talking when we had finally gotten to the ice cream parlor we orded and payed then went back to the beach.

Ella and i havent talked for like the whole day i really want to but i am afraid i might say something dumb, ugh come on zayn just do it i thought so i walked over to ella and she screamed so i looked behind me and saw a guy, i have no idea who he is but all of a sudden ella came running up to him and jumped on him and he spun her around, it made me kinda jealous 

I saw Zayn coming towards me then i saw some one behind him, it was my best friend Sam (next to jaz and the girls), i started to scream, i ran towards him and gave him a hug and he spun me around im so exited he is here!

i hear Ella scream so ran to her then i saw sam i ran up to him and gave him a huge hug i wonder why he is here, anyway i am so excited. i called everyone over to meet Sam we all talked and sam bought a few embarrasing moments up about ella and i but we all laughed and had a great time.

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