The names Ella

Ella and her friend Jazmin go to a one direction concert and get back stage pass because Jazmin is naills sister, they talk to the band and they end up being asked to hang out with them after the concert but what will happen when they play truth or dare and Ella's secret and the boys secret spills?! Read to find out.


1. Intro

"Hey Ella come on its this way!" Shouted jaz as we where fast walking to the stage we got let in then we saw how many other people there was ( only like five other people )

one direction came out with their body guards and talked to the other girls then last but not least  jaz and I we talked for a while and the Zayn said 

" the lads and I were wondering if you to girls would like to hang out with us after the concert so that Jazmin could spend more time with you brother naill" 

" sure !" She exclaimed  then Zayn got told by Paul that he had to go, so we slipped out of there and sat In our seats. 

After the concert

Ella's POV 

we where escorted from our seats by Paul and he took us back stage again and to this huge room, the boys where sitting there waiting for us.

"Hi" I said happily yet something feelers off in the room, oh well

" so what are your names?" Harry asked

" we'll my name is Jazmin " 

" the names Ella " I said 

" nice to meet you Ella!" They all said in unison which was kind of creepy


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