The names Ella

Ella and her friend Jazmin go to a one direction concert and get back stage pass because Jazmin is naills sister, they talk to the band and they end up being asked to hang out with them after the concert but what will happen when they play truth or dare and Ella's secret and the boys secret spills?! Read to find out.


3. I...I have to go


 " because I.. Um... we are vampires " Louis said stuttering a lot 

  " I... I have to go " i said awkwardly then ran out, that's why when I went in the room something felt off at first I thought my senses where playing up but no it was because of those evil blood suckers i thought I my self I ran home ( we lived like 10 mins away ) I opened the door then flopped on my bed.


 If your wondering what I'm talking about when I said senses well ill tell you, I'm a werewolf and werewolves have senses jaz is one to but she didn't go through what i did you know how they say werewolves and vampires are enemies, yeah? Well it's not true werewolves and vampires love each other 


 " I'm home " jaz shouted 

 I jumped up from my bed and hugged her I told her to sit

" why did you bale?" She asked

" well I'm I've never told any one else this story but here it goes " I say 


" mom dad! " I cried 

they told me to hide so i did I cried as I watched those blood sucking bitches kill my parents 

and my whole pack that day I vowed to avenge my parents and my pack and to never trust those 

four vampires again and I swore if I ever met them I would kill them 


" omg Ella ins so sorry, do you know there names? " she said ever so calmly


" yes I do, there names are Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos !" I growled as I said there names


" we'll Ella trust me you can trust one direction and if not them my brother and plus you left your phone so they put there number on it and I gave then our phone numbers" she said like she was kinda crazy

i took my phone and saw the names they put for it 

Zayn was: DJ Malik 

louis was: boo bear

liam was: toy story boy ( Louis put it in for him )

Harry was: sexay beast

niall was: Prince

i  guess maybe i could try and trust these boys


hi its me again hdvnzgdsj sorry about that carrots wanted to type after all it is Christmas so I let him ANYHOO!

merry Christmas to all this is my present to you a chapter ( I don't know what everyone like but why don't you come on down to the unicorn repair shop and buy your self a brand new unicorn for Christmas ;) thx to all my readers and fans even though I don't have many, oh well remember check my other movella out and remember to comment if you want to be in my book zayn and Louis are already taken say anything you want and if I need more i will just ask hurry up befor the other boys get taken thx



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