The names Ella

Ella and her friend Jazmin go to a one direction concert and get back stage pass because Jazmin is naills sister, they talk to the band and they end up being asked to hang out with them after the concert but what will happen when they play truth or dare and Ella's secret and the boys secret spills?! Read to find out.


7. Going out with Ella's new friends


i grabbed my phone and started to text destiny and aAngel

e hey destiny 

d hey wanna hang out today

e sure can i bring my ffriend

d sure is she you know what

e yup

d ok cool I will tel angel



" hi destiny hi angel this is Jazmin but call her jaz " I said and smiled

" hey Ella hey jaz" destiny and angel said 

" where are we going to go?" I asked

" ummmm what about the manic room?" Jaz asked

" good idea" destiny replied



we payed then ran in took our shoes off and messed around for three hours yeah that's right three, we then left and got to the werewolf forest 

" hey it's a full moon I want to howl sooo bad lets do it!" I said then got into wolf form they did the same and followed me, we ran to the highest peak of the mountain and howled I howled then angel did then jaz then destiny 

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