I Can't Love You! Can I ?

My name is Nicole, I just moved to a new home and of course new high school. I heard I was going
To the same high school that boy band One Direction was going to! Well they are ok and I was best friends with Harry Styles when I was younger... But he has other girls in his mind.. Ok what am I even saying!! Never mind that I live with my aunt Tess and Uncle Robert. Read on to see my love journey!


1. New School New Life.....

It was the first day of gr.12, I was hoping this day would never come but.... It did. I got a text from my best friend Clara and she said "Hey, you won't BELIVE it 1D is coming to our highschool!! xox kiss kiss ~Clara" so I was not super happy like she was but WATEVER. As I got in my car and drived to school another car hit the back of my car, I got out of the car and saw Harry Styles say "I'm soo sorry.." As he smirked at me I looked away then started to walk to school, when I got to class my teacher introduced herself and right at that moment Harry punched the door open and walked over to me? I don't know what he wanted but then I saw him just take a seat beside me and behind Clara?. Harry taped me on the shoulder and asked "do you understand what to do for A?" I just wondered off in his perfect little Green eyes! Okay focuse!! I pushed myself "well Harry for A you only have to multiply by 20 each time so you can get that term number" Harry bit his lip and looked at my boobs?? "Wow you are well put together?" Harry whispered to himself "um Harry do you now understand!" He just repeated the same stupid thing over and over again!! I dashed out of the class then 1min latter the bell rang for lunch! I was SOOO hungry thank god  it was time to eat but, when I walked in the lunch room I saw Harry and Maisy making out?? How could that be I got soo pissed off!, ok maybe I was jelouse.... I just dashed out of the room but I walked back to the lunch room and said "Hey Maisy! Cool pimple!" Maisy got really mad I'm so stupid! She got out of Harry's lap and threw a banana at my face. I felt so humiliated on the first day of school!   

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