I Can't Love You! Can I ?

My name is Nicole, I just moved to a new home and of course new high school. I heard I was going
To the same high school that boy band One Direction was going to! Well they are ok and I was best friends with Harry Styles when I was younger... But he has other girls in his mind.. Ok what am I even saying!! Never mind that I live with my aunt Tess and Uncle Robert. Read on to see my love journey!


2. A Party You Say??

After that long day at school with the humiliation I just ran home but when I got there I was locked out of my house! I texted Clara saying "Hey Chika got locked out of my house can I come over?...XoX"~Nicole, then she texted me back saying "GOOD! Now come over XOX we got invited somewhere! Come come!! XD"~Clara. As I got to Clara's house she pulled me inside and yelled "WE ARE GOING TO A PARTY THAT ONE DIRECTION INVITED US TOO!!!" I told her "WELL.. Have fun there!" She got mad at me an told me it was not fair I made her go see the teacher at school for extra help so I told her this was the only and I mean ONLY party I was EVER going to go to. We had hours to get ready so it's 3:00pm so that means the party will start at 7:00pm good thing it's Saturday tomorrow! Me and Clara went shopping first, Clara went for a really long purple dress with a bow on the strap she added some cute purple heels and a neck less with Niall's name on it, for me I went with a short hot pink dress with sparkles and of course a big pink bow on it with my pink heels! That took an hour now I had to curl my hair which took like a long Time so I curled it while we were starting to drive to the party. When we were Half way there I did my simple makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, perfume, eyeliner, and mascara!), when we got there and we walked in Clara ran up to Niall and lied saying she was drunk so she was making out with Niall the whole time? Wow! So I was just chilling in the rooms but Harry walked upstairs and saw me... "What are you doing here alone?" Harry said as he litterly startled me!, "nothing Harry I'm just chilling in this room?" Harry just smirked at me and handed me over a drink "well, don't you wanna drink it??" I looked t him like he was mental "Buddy!, I don't drink.." Harry just told me "well then try it at least!" So I started to drink some but by the Time I had that one I drank 20 cups with Harry and he pushed me on the bed, I did not control myself because of the drink so he did it he started rubbing my body and licking it too, it felt soo good! Harry just started to put his dick inside of me and I was screaming because I was still a virgin! Harry laughed and made out with me so I bit his lip and played aggressively back, soon the only thing I saw was Harry sleeping on my boobs a few hours later... When I woke up I screamed which woke up Harry.. I pushed him off me and I yelled "YOU JERK! Why did you NOT STOP ME!" Harry grinned at me and said "come on baby! You love me!?" I got soo mad "BABY, IM NOT NOR WILL I EVER BE YOURS!" I ran out of the room but before I even made it to the door Harry pushed me back in and made out with me again...


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