Story Of My Life

So this is basically a spin-off of my actual life. Some things will be exaggerated, but the basic idea is my life. If you want to read it, go ahead. If you don't, that's your loss. Once this story catches up to present day it'll become pure fiction, with the hopes that what happens in this story will actually become my life.

OH! And I apologize in advanced for any swearing but I'm not going to edit it out because this is, after all, my life, and I tend to swear a lot.

So I'm going to enter this in the Story Of My Life competition! Wish me luck!


3. pssssst... no one likes you

Ever since I first learned how to talk I had loved singing. I've never had any vocal training and I'm not even taking vocals at school. But I know that I enjoy it and I know that it's something that helps me get through a lot of the things that happen to me. There seems to be songs for any occasion, any feeling, any problem. But sometimes, the way I sang WAS the problem, voice crack, comparison to amazayn singers, being told to not bother with any of this because I'll never make it. Sometimes it felt like I would never be able to do anything. And I know that I'm not the only one that has this feeling almost everyday.


I've never been the girl who wears a lot of makeup, or any makeup at all for that matter, I think that the only makeup I own is some mascara. I just don't feel like makeup is necessary. When I was younger and went through that dance phase that almost every girl goes through I wore makeup for my recitals, that was the most makeup I have ever worn in my entire life.

I've always been the girl that played baseball outside in the field at recess with all of the guys. Literally. That's what I did for about 4 years. I never got along with the girls, and I guess they didn't get along with me, and they still don't. The only difference now is that most of the guys I hung out with don't go near me either. The only ones that do don't go to my school, so I only see them once and a while. But I can't say I'm a loner, because I'm not. I hang out with people, but its mainly so we don't look like we're losers, we don't like each other.

I feel like no one really even WANTS to learn more about me. To them I'm just that annoying girl that likes to talk and sing. And as for the people I hang out with, hearing what they have to say about each other when they're separate is enough, and they're supposedly best friends, I really would hate to know what they say about me when I'm not there, I can hear enough of it even when I only turn away.


I've always wanted to show people thatI could sing, but I can't just walk up to complete strangers and go, "Hey, I can sing and now I'm gonna show you!" Like, how creepy would that be right? And because of where I live, there are no talent shows - thanks for getting rid of Canadian Idol guys >:( - well, accept for the next star, but I'm not 100% sure how that show works. It's kinda confusing.


So thanks for bearing through this chapters rants and bullshit. I can believe that there's someone out there that even remotely cares about my lame life.


And I'm sosososososososososo sorry that it's been taking me forever. It's just that school started, and volleyball, and speed skating. I'll stop making excuses and just try to update at least twice a month hopefully more.



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