Story Of My Life

So this is basically a spin-off of my actual life. Some things will be exaggerated, but the basic idea is my life. If you want to read it, go ahead. If you don't, that's your loss. Once this story catches up to present day it'll become pure fiction, with the hopes that what happens in this story will actually become my life.

OH! And I apologize in advanced for any swearing but I'm not going to edit it out because this is, after all, my life, and I tend to swear a lot.

So I'm going to enter this in the Story Of My Life competition! Wish me luck!



Vas Happenin???


So I'm sorry for pretty much ignoring this entire site for almost a month, but I have a good reason!!!!!

I volunteer at a bike camp during the summer and I'm there from 8:30-4:00 and then there's a boat load of other crap that I have to do. BUT I HAVE THIS WEEK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't really part of my story/diary/fiction-thingy but I figured my one AMAZAYN favouriter-person, whatever you call them, would like an explanation.


Now without further ado,

YOUR FEATURE PRESENATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So pretty much all of my issues started in grade 3 when my elementary school had me tested for ADHD 3 times (not even joking). Everyone started looking at me like I was different, messed up, and even though all tests were negative no one cared. I lost a lot of friends. It may have also been because we had an autistic kid in my grade, and in kindergarden he was my first friend. My parents taught me never to judge people even if they don't look or act like you. All of the other kids made fun of him and then tell me that I shouldn't be friends with him. And remember, this is kindergarden.

By grade 4 everyone had split into their groups, I didn't fit into any because I was the only half causation, half Chinese girl there. My entire school was also split in groups because we had a program, one that I was in, called Montessori. It focused on independent learning and self-construction. We were basically given a work chart of what we have to get done for the week and open work periods for the day to get it done, not doing your work resulted in restriction of classroom privileges.

One day at school, during grade 4, a few of my classmates came up to me. Being me, I sat up from where I was laying (working with materials on a mat on the floor) and said hi. They weren't the closest people to me, but I still considered them my friends.

"Taylor," one said, "You know how you say that your mom is Chinese?"

And there I was, on the floor in our cloak room with four of my "friends" standing around me. Of course I knew what I told them.

"Well we were all thinking..." said the oldest, one of the boys, "Your ears are so pointy, kind of like an elf's."

Where the hell they were going with this was beyond me.

"And we realized," the other boy started,"That none of us have pointy ears. And we're all Chinese. So we have come to the conclusion that no asian people have pointed ears, which means that your mom isn't really your mom and that your real mom doesn't love you so she gave you away."

The other three nodded in agreement. I wanted to yell, tell them that they were wrong, say that I wasn't adopted, and that my mom really DID love me.

But I couldn't…

All I could do was crawl into a corner and burry my head in my puffy winter jacket. Why would someone say that to me? What did I do wrong? Was it the way my hair was braided? Was it because I told them that the colour pink was gross? Was it because I was that unlikable?

All of these questions running through my head, but all that would come out were sobs. Since they were into my coat the teacher never heard, and I never told. I figured that it would just eventually stop...


SOOO… this was my first real entry.

most of it was 100% true the only exaggerated part was

"which means that your mom isn't really your mom and that your real mom doesn't love you so she gave you away."

I hope you like it so far. And if you don't believe me suit yourself, just don't comment on here because I really don't need that shit. Also don't comment about me swearing, because I do it a lot less online than in person.

love ya!!!!


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