Love is a dangerous thing. It has up, down, round and round. It's a never ending roller coaster. What will happen when Niall Horan loses everything he loves...


1. School

Mya's P.O.V- I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to get ready for school. It took me so long to get ready for school today, but I could tell it was about to be the best day ever. On the way to school I noticed something; no one was there yet. It looked like an abandoned ghost town. When I walked into class, I saw that everything was destroyed. I heard laughter coming from the gymnasium. Scared for my life I ran all the way home hoping they didn't hear me. When I got home my mum was making tea. "Why aren't you at school Mya?" My mum Diane asked me. "It was abandoned today. When I went inside I heard people laughing in the gymnasium." I said with a shake in my voice. My mum went to go get ready for work.

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