Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


10. Chapter 9- Part 1

Hailey’s POV


I laid his Harry’s arms as we waited for it to be time to head out to Zayn’s. Oh, speaking of it, should I invite Eleanor? I mean she’s probably lonely.


“Harry, do you mind if I invite a friend to come over too?”




“Oh, she and I met today. She moved back here and she’s really lovely. I just thought she would enjoy spending time with us.”


“Um, sure. What ever you want.” He says kissing my forehead. I called her up when Harry went to use the bathroom. She agreed to come so I texted the address.


About 10 minutes later, Harry and I decided that we should head out now. With every chance he got, he tried to kiss or hug me. I didn’t mind though. However, it does feel a bit weird that I am no longer single. I really hope I’m not getting myself into any trouble. Every once in a while, Harry would steal a glance at me while he was driving.


“Harry, keep your eyes on the road.” I snapped at him hitting him in the stomach. She grinned and did what I asked. We arrived at Zayn’s place and Harry rang the doorbell while I was in his arm. Nervous, I fiddled with my fingers wondering what everyone will think. Will they accept our relationship? Of course they would, they’re our friends. We heard the door unlock and Louis opened the door.


“Woah.” Was the first thing he said. Louis gave us an awkward smile that made me blush.


“Is there a problem?” Harry asked walking in. Louis shook his head and sucked in his lips. I broke from Harry’s side and went first to the living room. Perrie and her friends were sitting on the couch giggling. She saw me and went to pull me in to sit with them.


“Hey, I didn’t know you were going to come!” she says and then introduced me to her girls. Jade, Jesy, and Leigh Anne. They were all so nice and guess what, also British. So what, that makes it… 10? Wow I feel like the only American in this house. The other boys were in the backyard barbequing. My eyes wondered around the house and I’m pretty sure my eyes aren’t big enough. Wow his place is huge! Nervous butterflies fluttered in my stomach, feeling displaced. Getting up, I asked to be excused and went to find Harry. On the way, I bumped into someone.


“Molly?” I furrowed my brows.


“Oh hey!” she hugged me and I was glad that she was here. “Niall invited me saying we were going to work on our project.”


“Sneaky boy.” I joked. Asking to be excused again, I went to Harry who was in the backyard.


“Heeeyyyy” he stretches putting down his red plastic cup. I looked at him funny because red cups usually mean alcohol. “Oh don’t worry, it’s just apple juice.” He corrected my thoughts. Harry extended his arm and he bundled me as I rested my head on his chest.


“Harry I don’t think I should be here.” I muttered looking at the pool next to us.


“What are you talking about?” he faced me, frowning.


“I mean I’m like the odd one out.”


“If you mean odd one out like the prettiest, then yes, you are the odd one out.” I rolled my eyes at his cheesy comment.


“Oh gosh.” We laughed for a bit and he placed his lips on my head. “It’s just that, everyone here is used to massive homes, luxury cars and expensive clothes. I, I don’t have all that. I mean, I can’t invite them back to my home and give them what they give me.” Harry turns to face me and lifted my chin with his finger in a hook shape.


“Hailey what are you talking about? None of them care if you’re rich or not. I promise you that.” His green eyes and deep voice comforted me. I manage to give him a half smile. “Ok look,” he turned around. “Do you guys want Hailey to be here?” he hollered to the rest of the boys. They all cheered yes and duh with smiles on their faces. It made me smile as well and I felt a lot better now. “Besides, if you’d leave, who will the friend you invited know here?” oh yes! I forgot about Eleanor. Speaking of her, where is she? She should be here by now. I dialed her cell and turns out; she’s almost pulling over.


“Zayn?” I called hanging up.


“What up?” he answered in a deep, playful voice. “You don’t mind if I invite someone right? She’s cool.”


“Fine by me.” He did a not-bad face. I smiled at his acceptance and texted her to come to the backyard. Harry went to the barbeque, grabbing a burger as a tall girl walked behind. But they can’t see her because there was a wall and tree between them.


“Hi!” I yelled as I ran to Eleanor, guiding her way to meet the rest. She gave me a smile and tucked her beautiful hair behind her ear. “Guys, meet…” I trialed off because Harry and the rest of the boys facial dramatically changed from cheery to shocked. Especially Louis’. He looked like he saw a ghost.


“Eleanor?” he says.


“Louis?” Eleanor said back. 

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