Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


6. Chapter 5

Harry’s POV


“Hailey kiss me.” I cut her off. My stomach did a full 360 and I am pretty sure I had never felt this before. I felt so lonely inside, so… hurt? Hurt by Zayn’s words. I knew they were all true.


“Hold up, what?” Hailey touched my forehead. “Harry you’re burning up!” She said concern. I startled to get a bit woozy and my vision started to get blurry as well. Hailey saw me almost loosing my balance so she quickly grabbed me. I heard her saying my name but it rang in my head. “Harry you need to lie down.” She then says guiding me to her couch. It was hard walking and I knew Hailey was struggling to hold me up. She gently placed me on the couch and picked my legs so I could fully lie down. I heard her say something, but I just couldn’t quite make out what it was because it was so echoy in my head. My eyes slowly closed and I blacked out.


The school bell rang as I stood in the middle of an empty hallway, watching as it gets filled with hungry students. It was lunchtime. I tried to find anyone I knew because I didn’t remember waking up this morning. Walking through the busy people, I saw girls giving me disgusted looks, but I didn’t care since I get them a lot. Looking through the crowd, I spotted Perrie. She’s not the boys, but I just had to know whether she told Hailey anything. As soon as she saw me, she tried to walk away but I stopped her by running to stand in front of her way.


“What do you want Harry.” She groaned with a dull face. I knew she didn’t want to talk to me.


“Did you tell Hailey?” I said as calmly as I could. After all, I was still feeling a bit unwell.


“No.” she replied with a pause in the beginning. A splash of relief cooled my body as I let out sigh. “I didn’t have to.” Perrie unexpectedly continued giving a sarcastic smirk. She then walked away, leaving me with many questions. I turned around to ask her what she meant but she was gone. What? How did she disappear so quickly? And what did she mean ‘she didn’t have to’? I started to panic and got worried again. My palms were getting sweaty, and I could feel goosebumps slowly appear as the hair on my neck stood straight as a plank. I walked through the crowd, but it was quite hard since they were all pushing and shoving. Where did all these people come from? Through the distance I spotted Hailey. She was wearing her usual, carrying more books than she could handle.


“Hailey!” I called out. She didn’t hear me. I called her name again. She looked to where it came from and realized it was me. Strangely, she looked away and tried to walk away until I ran after her, finally getting out of the waves of people. “Hailey.” I repeated her name trying to get her attention. She kept walking so I softly grabbed her arm. She tried to wiggle it out but then dropped all her books so I helped it pick it up.


“Leave me alone Harry.” She snapped at me.


“Wait what?”


“Harry just stop it.” she snapped again snatching the book I had in my hand. What was she talking about? What did I do?


“Hailey what’s wrong?” I ran in front of her and she didn’t even want to look at me.


“Just please leave me alone! Go away!” as her voice trembles, almost about to cry, it got louder with every word. I was taken back a little as she stormed herself away, bumping into my left shoulder. I stopped her again and I could tell she was getting even more mad and upset at the same time. I didn’t want to make her cry, and I didn’t mean to either. “Can’t you take a hint? I don’t ever want to talk or see you again!”


“But Hailey I want to talk and see you.” I stated making sure she heard me when I said ‘I’. Why is she doing this? What did I do? Did she find out about the whole Lexi thing? Hailey wiped her tears with her sleeve and put her books into her locker. “Hailey, did you find out?” and that was when the tears came bursting back. I’m taking that as a yes.


“Harry, leave me alone!” and then she pushed me with all her force that caused me to fall. Woah, I never knew she was this strong. Was she ever this strong? As my back hit the ground, everything was in slow motion and all of a sudden, everyone disappear except for Hailey and I.


“Hailey I’m sorry.” I apologized lifting my head. My forehead started getting wet and Hailey came up close to me, kneeling down.


 “Harry?” she gently called my name holding my hand. I thought she was mad at me? She softly repeated my name again, and one more time until I closed my eyes.


“Harry?” I heard a gentle voice saying my name. And that was when I realized that who thing was just a dream. I opened my eyes and Hailey was holding my hand, and her other hand was adjusting the wet towel on my forehead. I tried to sit up, but then my brain did this weird dizzy thing where it made my eyes see sparks so I lied back down. Hailey stood there smiling sympathetically so she helped me up.


“How long was I out?” I asked removing the wet towel.


“About… 4 hours?”


“4 hours?!” I coughed. “And what-”


“It’s 8:45.” She answered before I even asked the question. Hailey got up and went to the kitchen. I scratched my arm and unfolded the wet towel because I was bored and didn’t know what to do. She came back shortly after holding a bowl of what I assume soup. “Here, eat up.” She handed me the bowl with the spoon on the side.


“Thanks.” I took the spoon and scooped a spoonful. It was tomato soup. Hailey dragged the footstool close to sit in front of me. “Did you make this?” Hailey locked her hands together and looks down smiling.




“Wow, it’s really good. You didn’t have to make this for me.” And the soup was good. It was really light and creamy. Just like what mom used to make before she was busy all the time.


“It’s ok. You looked really sick and it’s the lease I could do. Are you feeling any better?” I nod my head since there was soup in my mouth. Why is she being so nice? Hailey gave me a smile. “Harry?”




“Do you know you sleep talk?”


“I do?” I do? Since when? And what the fuck did she hear?


“Yes, and you said some things…” she trailed off.


“What? What did I say?”


“Well first of all, you said ‘Hailey, did you find out’ and ‘Hailey,’ ” she took a breath. “‘I’m sorry’.”


“Did I say that?” Woah. She must be filled with questions. What do I do now? What if she finds out? I mean I got to admit, I sorta like her now. She’s cute, and nice, and sweet. I do not want to lose her, not now.


“Do you remember why you said what you said?” I shook my head. I actually felt guilty lying to her this time. Hailey will hate me if I tell her the truth so I better not. Just like in my dream, I don’t want to stop talking to or seeing her. “Oh. Well that’s alright then.” I quickly finished my soup and remembered that we were supposed to hangout today. “Oh right! What do you want to do now? It’s getting late and we have school tomorrow” Hailey cheerfully said until she remembered school. Great. I wanted to spend time with her. Something about Hailey is so different. This sounds so cheesy in my head.


“Can we just watch a movie here?” I asked raising my eyebrows. Hailey laughed at what I assume my desperation.


“Don’t you think you should be heading home? It’s almost nine.”


“Well I can go when I’m feeling better.”


“Harry Styles, didn’t you said you were feeling better a while ago?” she asked putting her hands on her hips. I did a couple of fake coughs and crossed my arms indicating that I’m cold. Hailey laughed and faced both her palms up, giving up. She cupped my face with one hand tilting her head. I felt her warm hands on my cheeks and I placed my hand on top of hers. “You poor baby.” We then burst out laughing. At this moment, I don’t feel so tense anymore. I actually felt calm and didn’t care if people will see me uncool. “But still, I think my mom will-” she was interrupted by her phone. “Well look, it’s my mom.” She picked up the phone. I smiled since it was such a coincidence that we were just talking about her. She got up and went to the kitchen. I was about to reach for the tv remote until my phone rang as well. I rolled my eyes at who it was. Lexi. I debated on whether I should pick up because I didn’t want to talk to her, but at the same time I want to  know what she’s gonna say. I fiddled for a bit there and eventually picked up the phone.


“Hey.” She started out.


“What do you want?” I asked not trying to make her think I care. I heard her girlish laugh. It sounded pretty annoying now.


“What are you talking about? Can’t an ex call?” she said with a slightly raspy voice. I could tell that she’s probably horny or whatever.


“No.” I answered. I heard her laugh again. “Where the fuck is Dean?”


“He’s drunk at home. His parents locked him in his god damn room.” I stood up and paced.


“Bitch what do you want?” I whisper so Hailey couldn’t here me. Lexi giggled a bit before answering.


“You.” Fuck. What now? She finally wants me. I turned around and saw Hailey in the kitchen still talking to her mum. I saw the beautiful colour in her eyes and I knew that doing this with Lexi will make things even worst.


“Look, you said it yourself. We’re done.” And with that, I ended the call.


“Well it’s just your luck Harry. My mom will be staying at my grandma’s house for the night. I have the house all to myself.” Hailey said walking over. I smiled because it was just my luck. I felt so energetic, I felt so… Alive. I guess it was because I confronted Lexi and finally said it was over. I guess this whole making-Lexi-jealous-thing is over. I took Hailey’s hand and brought her outside. “Harry what are you doing?”


“Just come. I want to show you something.” Hailey tilted her head back, giggling. I let go of her hands as soon as we reached the front of her house on the sidewalk. I have an idea. “Race you to school!” I shouted getting a head start at running.


“Hey!” she hollered from behind running after me. I looked back and she was laughing. I saw her skinny legs running and it made me laugh as well. No way can she outrun me. I was far ahead so I decided to take a short rest at the corner of this building. Catching my breath, I could see the school. It was only a short 2 blocks from where I was. At this moment, I didn’t care if I won since I obviously can. I took a little peek, making sure she couldn’t see me if she was catching up. I heard running steps and her giggles. She was getting closer and closer. As soon as she almost past me, I jumped out and yelled boo. She screamed and giggle louder. It was so funny and her giggles are so adorable! “Hey..” she wined. I gave her a cheeky smile. She pulled me close and bit her bottom lip. I licked my own lips and she was holding my shirt close. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment there.


“Hailey,” I said her name but she shushed me. She leaned in closer and I closed my eyes, ready for her kiss. Unexpectedly, she pushed me to the ground.


“Sucker!” she chuckled and started running. I laughed to myself. Oh she got me. She got me good. And remember when I said I didn’t care if I loss? Well I take that back. I got up on my feet and began running again. I caught up to her and was about 5 meters behind. Unfortunately, she reached the school first and won the race.


“Damn! I actually loss to a girl.” We exchanged smiles but at the same time, I could tell she was out of breath. “You sure could act.”




Hailey’s POV


“Eh.” I replied. “So, you wanted to show me something?”


“Yea, follow me.” He gestured walking to where I assume the football field.


“Harry, isn’t this violating school property?”


“It’s ok, trust me.” He took my hand when he said to trust him. I walked to where he lead me too, which is the center of the football field. He let go and ran around with his hands up. He looked like a kid. It was so cute but very attractive at the same time. He ran to the place where the power and switched on the lights. It made sounds as each of them went on. I lied down as he ran back and lied with me. I looked up to the sky and realized how pretty the stars were. The strange thing was that I never seen these much stars before. School wasn’t that far from home but I couldn’t see it from my window. I loved this place. “See?” he pointed to the stars. “That’s what I wanted to show you.”


“It’s beautiful Harry.”


“Yeah..” he let out a sigh and locked his fingers together on his stomach.


“Do you come here often?”


“All the time.”


“Like when?” I turned and slept on my side, facing Harry. He was still gazing at the stars, smiling. He turned my way and looked back to the sky.


“When I’m mad, or upset, or just want to be alone.” I gasp sarcastically.


“Baddass Harry Style has a happy place.” I put my hand to my mouth. He smiled rolling he eyes. “Just kidding. It’s cute.” He turned and lied on his side facing me.


“Aren’t you cold?”


“Uh… a bit.” I think I knew where he was going here. Harry opened his arms and I crawled into it.


“Why are you so warm?” and he was.


“Valentine, are you implying that I’m hot?” I laughed. He could be so funny sometimes and I love it when he uses my last name.


“Maybe” I said stretching the word out. I felt his big, warm hands stroking my back. I looked up at him and once again, noticed his green eyes. They were the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. My eyes then went down to his lips. They looked soft, and wasn’t dry at all. I giggled to my self a bit.


“What?” he smirked.


“It’s funny how we were supposed to kiss like 3 times.”


“Really? When?” he said trying to sound smart.


“Well, when you were in my room, when you barge into my house telling to kiss you,” I chuckled a bit to that second part. “And back there when I pushed you calling you a sucker.” Harry looked down and smiled. He rolled over so that he was on top of me.


“Let’s not make it a forth time.” I smiled and Harry leaned in. Not a second after, his lips were on mines. He kissed passionately, and it felt good. I guess Harry got many experiences- wait I already know that. Harry was by far the best kisser ever. Not that I kiss many people. I haven’t. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with his hair. He then pulled away which annoyed me but I smiled at him anyways. “Hailey, be my girlfriend.” He softly spoke. My smiled then faded. I got up and Harry got off of me. I tucked strands of hair behind my left ear.


“Harry, I don’t think I’m ready for a new relationship.”


“Wait you’re saying no?” I turned to him and held his hands, trying to explain to him that it was complicated.


“No, I’m not giving you a direct answer. I just need time Harry. I’m still torn from my last.” Harry pulled his hands away and stood up. I got up as well. I felt so guilty.


Harry’s POV


I pulled away from the kiss. It felt so good and right. Nothing like this ever happened to anyone. Not even Lexi. I started to get butterflies in my stomach.

>So this is what butterflies feel like.


“Hailey, be my girlfriend.” I asked her. I was smiling until her smile faded. She got up and looks away, tucking some strand of hair behind her left ear. Why does she always so that? Tucking her hair behind her left ear. This cannot be good.


“Harry, I don’t think I’m ready for a new relationship.” She said looked to the grass. What is she trying to say? I began to feel impatient.


“Wait you’re saying no?” I asked, hurt, furrowing my brows. She took my hands and I looked at them before looking at her again.


“No, I’m not giving you a direct answer. I just need time Harry. I’m still torn from my last.” Wait a minute, does she still have feelings for this other guy? I let go of her hands and got up. No one ever rejected me before. Ever. I looked to her again, with my eyebrows still frowning. She looked upset but whatever.


“It’s getting late. I think we should be heading home.” I said looking away. I heard he say she was sorry but whatever. I didn’t care anymore. I walked her back home, but we didn’t talk. When finally reached her front door.


“So I’ll see you at school?” she said. She knew things were getting awkward.




“Good night?” she whispered, but loud enough for me to hear. I pulled in my lips and nod my head. As soon as she went inside, I ran. Ran back home, to my car. Believe it or not, we don’t live that far. I reached home and found that mom wasn’t at home. She probably has business as usual. She’s barely home. I cussed and went back outside, and got in my car. I drove to a place where I will probably regret but I didn’t care. To Lexi’s place. Hailey doesn’t even want to be with me and she probably still have feelings for that other dick. I reached her door and ringed the doorbell. I waited till the door open and hopefully, she answers it. I was about to leave until the door opened. I turn to see who opened and it was Lexi. I ran to the door and smashed my lips onto hers. Now, Hailey who?


Please excuse my poor editing skills.. I was always bad at it. Anyways, the more likes and comments mean i'll update faster since you guys probably like it a lot :) thank you so much!

xxxx Angelina

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